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Classic, Technical and Petite Scrubs To Expand Your Wardrobe

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Is your medical scrub wardrobe everything that you want it to be? When you’re working in a hospital or other medical facility, your priorities should be to stay comfortable and to look professional all throughout your shift, and that means having the right scrubs on. If you don’t think your current scrubs are providing that for you, it's time to give your wardrobe an upgrade. Let’s take a look at some great potential additions to your medical scrubs.

Stretchy Technical Scrubs

Let’s start off by talking about the technical scrubs. These lightweight, stretchable, breathable and comfortable scrubs are going to feel so great that you may never want to take them off! And their unique properties make them great for a fast-paced work environment, or for working out at the gym! What’s not to love about these scrubs?

Shelby and David Classics

Next up, we have the scrubs that started it all here at Blue Sky Co.! To this day they remain a staple of our business. We recommend these time-tested scrubs to anyone who’s new to Blue Sky products. The signature white designer stitching still looks amazing, and you’ll notice right away that they’re so much more comfortable than your average scrubs.

Petite Scrubs

If you struggle with most scrubs being too big for you, we have the perfect solution. Our Gray Label Petite scrubs are designed specifically to fit you and keep you comfortable all shift long. They even have slits on the hips to allow for easier movement.

Now that we’ve told you some of our favorite options to help you upgrade your nursing scrubs wardrobe, why stop there? We have tons of other options of scrubs and even scrub caps, lab coats and much more available that you can check out right now by visiting the Blue Sky Co. website.

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