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4 Women's Vintage Graphic Tees From Blue Sky

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we care deeply about all of our medical professionals. That’s what drives us to create such comfortable, stylish scrubs. But we also provide comfortable base layers to wear underneath your scrubs and help you keep warm. We have comfortable long sleeve tees and polos that go great underneath your favorite scrubs. But now we even have graphic tees! These comfortable shirts are great to wear under your scrubs at work, or just outside of work when you want something comfy or if you want to show off your Blue Sky pride!

Love Life Vintage Baseball Tee

If you need something with long sleeves, the baseball tee design is perfect for you. The Love Life Vintage Tee is a super comfy option. This shirt has a gorgeous small graphic design on the chest area. We know you’ll love how you look and feel in this white tee with gorgeous navy blue sleeves.

Make It a Swell Day Vintage Baseball Tee

Next up, we know you’ll want to show off you Blue Sky pride in this comfy baseball tee! It has a similar design as the Love Life Tee, but with light grey sleeves instead of navy blue, and it has a larger graphic that reads “Make It a Swell Day!” With “Blue Sky Co.” at the bottom.

Good Times Vintage Tee

If you prefer a t-shirt style with shorter sleeves, try out this awesome heather grey graphic tee. This relaxing tee has a blue design on the front that says “Good Times & Healing Vibes”, and it's sure to look excellent on you whether you’re outside of work, at work wearing it underneath scrubs, or just relaxing at home.

Radiate Positivity Vintage Tee

Last but not least, there’s the navy blue Radiate Positivity Tee. It has a stylish graphic design depicting a sunset and says “Radiate Positivity”, and we know it’ll bring smiles to the faces of everyone who sees it on you! To check out all of the amazing graphic tees mentioned here, or to see anything in our collection, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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