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Lightweight Jackets: Perfect for Spring

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Here’s why lightweight jackets are perfect for spring: they’re warm enough to keep you comfortable on your walk into work, or in a chilly work environment, but they’re lightweight enough to not slow you down! They’re the perfect work or after work companion, a brilliant addition to your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at a few that Blue Sky Co. has to offer!

Lightweight Jackets for Men

Meet our three favorite softshell jackets for men: The Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket, our Cooper Softshell Jacket, and the Summit Softshell Jacket!

To start, the Hunter jacket is a must have. It’s wind and water-resistant, making it perfect for walking into and out of work!

Blue Sky’s Cooper jacket looks great layered with a pair of David scrubs, or even over one of our baselayers. It has 4 way stretch for ultimate mobility, and plenty of pocket space!

And finally, the Summit jacket is everything you’ve been waiting for. It’s the perfect staple to your wardrobe. It’s designed to keep you comfy all shift long with its ultra-soft lightweight interior!

Lightweight Jackets for Women

We have a wide selection of softshell jackets for women, but we’ll focus on three for now: The Skylar Lightweight Jacket, our Chessington Lightweight Jacket, and lastly, the Oxford Softshell Jacket.

The Skylar jacket is one of our favorites! It has contrasting stitching design and zippers for ultimate style.

Our Chessington jacket is definitely a classic. You need this jacket in your medical wardrobe for sure. This lightweight jacket has elastic cuffs to keep those sleeves out of the way!

The last of all jackets, but certainly not the least, is our Oxford Softshell jacket. It’s perfect for chilly springtime mornings, or cold OR’s!

Choosing Blue Sky Co.

Here at Blue Sky Co. we understand exactly what makes a decent scrub uniform. Durable, yet soft, breathable fabrics. That’s our promise to you: that you’ll be as comfy as can be in our scrubwear and definitely in these amazing lightweight jackets! 

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