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Does Your Lab Coat Need Replacing?

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Does your lab coat need replacing? Is it worn out, stained, or otherwise unwearable? Or perhaps you’re searching for the perfect lab coat to be your first. Whatever your reason for purchasing a new lab coat, it’s an important decision, and we’re confident that Blue Sky Co. has just what you need! Our luxe lab coats were designed with you in mind; just keep reading and soon you’ll be convinced!

Lab Coats From Blue Sky Co.

Lab coats from Blue Sky Co. have the most cutting edge design out there! They’re simple yet modern, comfy yet durable! And as a plus, they have technology that repels and releases stains, so your lab coat will stay clean and fresh throughout your shift- even if there’s an accident. They’re easy to care for. They also give you tons of pocket space, with their chest pocket and two lower utility pockets! You can carry around your keys, notepad, and other favorite gadgets. All around, our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats are exactly what you need in your workday.

Spruce it Up With a Lanyard

Lanyards are a great way to spruce up your lab coat and medical uniform! They’re not just for holding your keys, you know (although they’re great for that, too)! They can be gorgeous accessories that happen to come with great functionality. Blue Sky Co. offers several different lanyards, all beautiful in many shades of colors and designs! Check out this Circuslanyard from Blue Sky Co. Isn’t it beautiful?

From lab coats, to lanyards, to scrubs and jackets, we have everything you need for your medical uniform at Blue Sky Co.! And it all was designed with you in mind. If you’d like to view the rest of our amazing collection of medical uniforms and accessories, simply log onto our website today! Happy shopping! 

Medical Scrubs: Your Best Buy

At Blue Sky Co., we offer you the chance to express yourself through your medical uniform. Our medical scrubs are available in a multitude of vibrant colors, and our scrub caps, dozens of patterns! We’re going to prove to you why medical scrubs are your best buy, not only in their quality, but also in [...]

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Medical Scrubs: Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right medical scrubs that fit you, your personality, and your workspace is not the easiest feat. We’ve put together a blog today with our top 3 most frequently asked questions that we get here at Blue Sky Co. to help you find just the right pair!Can I Be Comfortable And Still Professional?One of [...]

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Finding Approrpriate Shoes for Strenuous Shifts

In a society where we’re often expected to “tough it out,” (especially when it comes to the workplace) we may ignore telltale signs of ill-fitting shoes, like back aches, knee aches, and leg cramps. You may think that these symptoms could be the result of walking- lots of walking, but maybe that’s not all. Maybe [...]

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Spring into Style with Scrub Cap Patterns

It’s the season for color, for vibrance, for everything that makes our patients smile. We can do a tremendous job at this just by dressing in medical scrubs from Blue Sky Co., as not only do we offer a customized fit that can suit all of your preferences, but our scrub caps are available in [...]

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Finding a Flawless Fit for Medical Scrubs

When your wearing ill fitting scrubs, it seems like either you’re catching your pants from slipping down all day long, or your top is always a little bit too low-cut, and you’re wearing undershirts just to supplement the empty space. Does this ring a bell? It can be both uncomfortable and frustrating, so perhaps it’s [...]

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Blood on Your Scrubs? Here's What to Do

Working in the medical industry, you’ve likely seen and worn your fair share of bloody medical scrubs. If you’re a laundry newbie, blood stains may seem permanent, but in fact, they’re quite easy to remove- and with scrubs being so simple to wash, the process is even easier. Below, you’ll find a few techniques on washing [...]

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Blue Sky Scrubs: How it All Began

At Blue Sky Co., we’re dedicated to serving our customers however we possibly can. You’re our number one priority. So maybe you’re familiar with our collections, or maybe you’re just testing the waters. Either way, know that we’ll do whatever we can to complete your order just the way you like it.How did we begin, [...]

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Spring Away from Pollen and into Softshell Vests from Blue Sky Co.

Well friends, we’ve reached that dreadful time of year during which pollen ascends from seemingly every tree- all at once. Our cars are covered in it, the soles of our shoes have a faint yellow tint to them, and we’re sneezing and waking up with sore, dry throats. It’s awful!What else is awful? Those walks [...]

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Properly Sizing Your Scrubs

Selecting the proper size scrubs is important to ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in your work attire. You might be unknowingly buying the wrong size, which may explain why you think a certain style doesn’t work on you, when it actually does! Here are some tips when considering what size scrubs are the [...]

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