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Tall Scrubs: For When You Need a Little Length

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We’ve all been there. You know, the place where our pants just don’t fit. It’s an uncomfortable place to be in for sure, and Blue Sky Co. totally gets it! So let’s explore our Tall scrub pants and see if we can do anything about this predicament! We have a feeling we can solve all of your lengthy problems with our fabulous Tall scrub pants!

Tall Classic Shelby Scrub Pants

What can we say about our Tall Classic Shelby scrub pants? Well, they certainly have the same feel as our Classic Shelby scrubs, and that’s the best part! Well, wait- the best part is that these pants have a 33 inch inseam length! So you should be completely covered, friends. These scrub pants have a relaxed fit, but they’re tailored in every single place you’d expect. They have two back pockets with our infamous white designer stitching, and will look amazing paired with any Shelby scrub top!

Tall Classic Simple Scrub Pants

We know you already love our Classic Simple scrub pants, but maybe you need a little bit of length! That’s perfect, because we have these same wonderful scrubs available in our Tall collection! They’re just about everything you have in the Tall Classic Shelby scrub pants, without that white designer stitching. But there is a drawstring waist with our signature white tie! These scrub pants have a relaxed fit (one you’ll love), two back pockets for storing your personal items, and plenty of space to get your work on!

If you’re in need of a longer inseam length on your scrub pants, you can either order customized scrub pants from Blue Sky Co., or go with our Tall collection! Either way, Blue Sky Co. just wants you outfitted in scrubs that are absolutely perfect for you! So, happy shopping! 

Benefits to Our Medleisure Fabric

Have you felt our new Medleisure fabric yet? It’s magnificent, and we’re so excited to incorporate it into our scrubwear. Here at Blue Sky Co. we’re always trying to find new ways to make your medical wardrobe more comfortable. We know you spend a lot of time wearing scrubs; we want you to experience ultimate [...]

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Customized Medical Scrubs Just For You

Have you ever needed something more out of your scrubwear, but weren’t able to find it, or alter them correctly? Do your scrubs just seem to not fit right? Here at Blue Sky Co., we definitely understand the struggle! That’s why we allow you to customize your scrubs to suit your every need. You can change things [...]

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Featuring Our Bradford and Preston Lab Coats

Maybe it’s time to replace your lab coat! Or maybe you’re in search of a spare coat, just for rainy days. It’s always best to keep a spare. Whatever your reasoning may be for purchasing a new coat, we’d like to show off ours. Blue Sky Co. has two beautiful lab coats: the Preston coat, [...]

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3 Common Scrub Stains and How to Treat Them

At Blue Sky Co., we’re not just about scrubs; we’re all about how to treat them properly, too. Why? Because we want your medical wardrobe to last you as long as possible! Treating your scrubs well means knowing the ins and outs of stain removal. So below we’ve laid out three common scrub stains, and [...]

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What Do You Need in a Nursing Shoe?

Could it be time to finally replace your nursing shoes? You know that with this profession, you’re on your feet so often that your shoes wear down more quickly. And you know what that you can do! It can cause pain in your back, legs, and knees. Let’s avoid that, and take a shopping trip [...]

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Picking the Perfect Pattern for Your Pixie Scrub Cap

So you’ve finally found the perfect scrub cap: one of Blue Sky’s beautiful, stylish caps! The Pixie scrub hat. It’s perfect for shorter hair styles and looks gorgeous in our dozens upon dozens of scrub cap patterns! Now, we’ve narrowed it down to seven of our favorite prints; which one will you choose? We know [...]

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Customizing Men's Scrubs Until They Fit Just Right

We all know the struggle of scrubs that don’t fit us well! They’re uncomfortable, baggy, and they can also look unprofessional (and we definitely don’t want that!). But at Blue Sky Co., you’ll find scrubs that fit you perfectly! Why is that, might you ask? Well, because we give you the option to customize your [...]

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An Exclusive Look at Men's Scrubwear

Men, have you seen our collection of scrubwear that we’ve designed perfectly for you? If not, you’re definitely missing out! But we can easily catch you up to speed, don’t worry. Below, we’ll outline David scrubs, custom scrubs, and scrub caps for men! You’re bound to find something to suit you.Relaxed David ScrubsOur David Relaxed [...]

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Perfect Scrub Hats from Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue Sky Co. is recognized for creating cutting edge designs for medical scrubwear. But it’s not just scrubs that we give this design to; we also instill it in our lab coats, jackets, vests, and even scrub caps! Our uniquely fashioned scrub hats are all made to fit you perfectly, no matter your hairstyle. Below you’ll [...]

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