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5 Shades for Shelby Scrubs

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Is it time for you to upgrade your wardrobe to something more vibrant, more stylish? A solid shopping spree does the soul some good, and you’ll look snazzy at work, too! So let’s dive into these five shades for Shelby scrubs that we just know you’ll love! Because let’s face it; your current scrubs have seen their days. It’s time to upgrade.

Navy Blue

When it comes to the blues, Navy Blue takes takes first prize! In this beautiful scrub color, you’ll look as professional as ever. Our Shelby white designer stitching really stands out against this shade, and we know you’ll love it!


Have you been dreaming of a summer vacation lately? So have we! But really, this scrub color is fantastic, and will certainly stand out in those hospital hallways.


Yet another shade of blue (we can’t get enough of them this season!), Peacock is a beautiful bright blue that’s bound to brighten your mood! And maybe the moods of your patients and coworkers too?

French Lilac

Ah, lilac… we just love this soothing color. We can’t tell you how great it looks on our Classic Shelby scrubs; you’ll just have to try them on yourself! And you know you’ll love that fashion show!

Olive Green

Feeling lucky? We have the perfect shade of green for you: Olive Green. This earthy shade looks great against our Shelby white designer stitching. You’ll fall in love with your scrubs instantaneously.

Blue Sky Co. strives to always make it easy to upgrade your wardrobe to brighter, more vibrant and different scrub colors! We want you to have all of the options in the world. So put away those bland blues and whites and step into a world of color. A world created by the one and only us, Blue Sky Co.! 

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