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Brand New Deals on $10 Scrub Tops!

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If you’ve shopped at Blue Sky Co. in the past, you already know we have the highest quality scrubs you can find anywhere, and excellent prices too. Well today, we’re happy to say that we’ve decided to make some of our products even more accessible to the medical professional on a strict budget. We’re now offering sales of scrub tops and scrub pants for only $10 a piece, for both men and women! Here are just a few of the scrubs we have on sale now:

Urban Scrub Top For Women

First up is the Urban Scrub Top, a one of a kind scrub that you won’t believe we’re selling for only 10 dollars. If you were a fan of the signature pocket stitching on many of our other scrubs, you’ll love these, since they have white accent stitching along all hemlines. They’re also wrinkle and fade resistant, and extremely comfortable!

Grey Label Simple Scrub Top For Women

Make sure you grab these scrubs while they’re still on sale! You won’t want to miss out on this gorgeous scrub top with its slim, modern fit, sturdy yet soft fabric, and side slits at the hips that allow for easy, comfortable movement. And keep in mind, this scrub top comes with twelve different color options to choose from!

Sullivan Scrub Top For Men

This clearance sale isn’t just for women, we also have plenty of marked down items for men, like the Sullivan Scrub Top. This scrub top is part of the Sullivan Men’s scrubs collection, previously known as Classic, and we called it that for a reason... It never gets old! This lightweight, comfortable fabric makes for the perfect scrub top for any man.

To purchase any of these items while they’re still on sale, be sure to visit the Blue Sky Co. website today!

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