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Classic, Technical, Or Petite: 3 Amazing Scrub Styles

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Are your current scrubs providing you all the comfort and style you need? Are they modern, luxurious, and feel good to wear every time you put them on? If you don’t feel like your current scrubs are doing that for you, it's time to upgrade to Blue Sky scrubs! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite choices to get you started.

Classics: Shelby and David

Let’s start with the very first Blue Sky scrubs- the Shelby and David Classics! These scrubs cover the basics of everything you need for comfort and modern style. If you’re new to Blue Sky scrubs, we highly recommend starting with these timeless scrubs. The signature white designer stitching still looks amazing, and as soon as you put these scrubs on you’ll feel the difference.

Lightweight Technical Scrubs

Take the comfort and mobility of your scrubs outfit to the next level with our amazing technical scrubs. Our technical scrubs are designed to be lightweight, stretchable, breathable and comfortable no matter what you’re doing! After you’ve tried them on, you won’t want to take them off!

Petite Scrubs

Some medical professionals find it difficult to find scrubs that fit right, and oftentimes petite scrub wearers end up putting on scrubs that are too baggy on them. Our Gray Label Petite Scrubs provide a solution, and they even have slits on the hips to allow for easier movement. We know you’ll find a perfect fit and look great in these scrubs! And since we know how much style matters, we have a wide selection of color options for you.

So we’ve told you here about some of our favorite options to help upgrade your new scrub wardrobe, but why stop there? There are still so many other Blue Sky scrubs and other products to check out like scrub caps, lab coats and much more! Come see it for yourself by visiting the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

A Couple Ways To Quickly Improve Any Scrub Outfit

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A Few Great Ways To Accessorize Any Scrubs Outfit

Are you on the lookout for some fresh way to accessorize your medical outfit? Blue Sky Scrubs has some great suggestions for you. You need additions and accessories to your outfit that can keep you cozy, especially if you’re in a chilly workplace, but they also need to look fantastic with your favorite set of scrubs. [...]

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These Tees Make a Great Base Layer Under Your Scrubs!

We appreciate everything that hard-working medical professionals do every day. Our mission is to make the daily work of medical professionals easier by providing them with comfortable, high-quality scrubs. But beyond just scrubs, we also provide base layers to wear underneath scrubs for maximum comfort. Today, let’s take a look at some of our stylish, [...]

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Blue Sky Classic Scrub Pants, Now Available In Tall Size

Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we want every customer to be comfortable in their scrubs when they head off to work. For some of us, it can be difficult to find scrub pants in the right size. But here at Blue Sky, our dedication to you has prompted us to make special scrub pants for [...]

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This Scrub Top & Trouser Combination Has It All

When you work in the medical industry, your scrub outfit can make the difference between a great day and a bad day at work. What you wear to work can make all the difference in how you feel, and how you perform at work. When you’re running through busy halls and tending to patients, you need [...]

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3 Things Nurses Love About Surgical Scrubs

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Best Scrub Brands And Color: Scrub Pants For Women And Surgical Green Scrubs

Best Scrub Pants And Color: Scrub Pants For Women And Surgical Green ScrubsThe best scrub pants for women are functional, comfortable, flattering, and suit all the needs of working as a medical professional. Nurses spend a tremendous amount of time in their uniforms, whether working in a pediatric, surgical, ER unit, etc., so finding scrubs [...]

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Complete Your Scrub Outfit With a Bright, Stylish Surgical Cap

Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, our mission is to help medical professionals stay comfortable at work, and look great doing it! One great way to achieve both style and comfort is to top off your favorite scrub outfit with the right cap. Let’s take a closer look at our different styles of scrub caps so [...]

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Is The Color In Your Scrubs Fading? Here's Some Helpful Tips

Most clothes won’t stay vibrant and colorful forever, including your scrubs unfortunately. If you picked out a pair of scrubs because of their color, then you may find yourself disappointed when that does happen, even if you expected it. But with the right method of drying your scrubs, fading can be largely avoided! Today, we [...]

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