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How to Prevent Fading Fabrics in Scrubs: blue sky scrubs

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Want to know how to keep your scrubs looking bright and vibrant? Don’t you love those eye-catching colors? We do! That’s why today we have five tips for keeping your fabrics from fading- and we know you could use them!

Follow Care Instructions on Fabric Labels

It only takes a few seconds to stop and read the care label on your scrubs. It’ll tell you exactly how to wash them, or at least what you should look out for. Some scrubs should only be washed in cold water, and dried on the lowest setting. Just be on the lookout!

Give Your Scrubs a Good ‘Ol Pre-Wash

Pre-washing your medical scrubs helps the colors to set in, and keeps them from fading in the long run. So after you purchase that new set of scrubs, toss it in the wash with half a cup of white vinegar (for sanitary purposes), and let it run!

Buy Multiple Sets of Scrubs

Always keep a spare pair- or three! The less you wear your scrubs, the longer they’ll last. Plus, what fun is it to only have one pair, or one color? At Blue Sky Co., our scrubs are offered in several sleek, professional, and bright colors; good luck making a decision!

Wash Your Scrubs with Scrubs

We all detest sorting clothes; it’s one of the worst parts of the laundry process! But if you take the time to do it properly, your extra effort will certainly pay off. Don’t wash your scrubs with towels or your street clothes; try to keep them all together!

Use Cold Water

Cold water helps colored fabrics to stay vibrant! Wash in cold water (as long as your scrubs’ label says to do so), and don’t worry- your detergent will work just as well!

Blue Sky scrubs were made for you, and are meant to last. Go with our beautiful brand and you won’t regret it!

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