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Find Comfort and Luxury With All These Blue Sky Products

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve created what we call Medleisure wear because we know that when you’re at work, comfort is the most important factor in your medical scrubs! You need clothing that will help you stay comfortable all day long and not restrict you in any way. That’s why the best pair of scrubs you’ll ever find is waiting for you on our website. Whether it's one of our amazing scrub creations, or a custom scrub of your own design, we know we have what you’re looking for here at Blue Sky Co. Let’s jump right in and show you a little bit of the comfort and luxury we offer.

Medleisure Fabric

Using our special medleisure fabric that we briefly mentioned earlier, we’ve designed some of our most comfortable scrubwear yet. And since comfort is the most important factor, be sure to check out our Logan 2-pocket scrub top for women! For men, if you’re looking for our most comfortable option, we recommend our men’s Technical Scrubs, made from a special blend of polyester and spandex for an extra stretch that helps you stay active and comfortable!

Classics For Men and Women

You can never go wrong with the classics! The Classic Shelby Scrub for women and Classic David Scrub for men were our very first scrubs that we ever made here at Blue Sky Co., and they’re still just as popular, comfortable and luxurious as they always were! And if you’re looking for something different, we even have an option to customize your own scrubs!

Jackets, Vests and More!

But we also offer a lot more than just scrubs! We have jackets and vests that are sure to keep you both warm and stylish, and they’re also resistant to wind and water. We’ve also got plenty of accessories like scrub caps, trucker hats, lanyard and compression socks! To check it all out for yourself today, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

Diving Into Blue Sky's Classic Shelby Scrubs

Here on the Blue Sky Co. blog, we’ve recently touched on our classic scrubs and why we think you would love them. But today, we’re going to dive into one specific set of scrubs and give you all the information you need about our amazing Classic Shelby Scrubs! These scrubs have been with us since the beginning, so [...]

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Exploring Outerwear for Women

Here at Blue Sky Co. we understand that it can sometimes become a tad bit too chilly in the hospital, or even in another laboratory environment. Working in a setting like that can be terribly uncomfortable. At Blue Sky Co., we have several options when it comes to outerwear for women; we wish we could [...]

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Perfect Scrub Hats from Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue Sky Co. is recognized for creating cutting edge designs for medical scrubwear. But it’s not just scrubs that we give this design to; we also instill it in our lab coats, jackets, vests, and even scrub caps! Our uniquely fashioned scrub hats are all made to fit you perfectly, no matter your hairstyle. Below you’ll [...]

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Choosing the Best Prints for Your Personality

At Blue Sky Co., it’s easy to express your personal style- even in your work uniform! To prove it to you, we’d like to show off these five prints for your scrub caps! Each print can be mixed and matched with your scrubs, and there are so many to choose from that you could actually [...]

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Blue Sky Scrubs Keep You on Budget

Working in the medical field, messes happen frequently. Sometimes we need to replace our medical uniforms more often than we’d prefer, but we have to stay within our budget. This can be difficult when we want all of the beautiful accessories from Blue Sky Co., but fortunately, our scrubs are affordable, comfortable, and luxurious! Let’s [...]

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Find Long Lasting Comfort in Medical Scrubs

It’s no question that we receive highly satisfied ratings from our customers, and that there’s a reason why! Our medical scrubs are superior to other brands in that they’re made from the softest fabrics from around the world, with durable stitching that help them outlast any other brand. Today we’re proud to provide you with [...]

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3 Reasons to Order Your Scrubs Online

While the occasional shopping spree is undoubtedly thrilling, let’s face it. With a career in medicine, it’s not always easy to find time to shop for new scrubs. We’ve put together 3 reasons you should order your scrubs online - let us know what you think! ConvenienceThe most common shopping objection among professionals of any industry [...]

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Completing Your Scrub Outfit

Even with such a wide variety of styles and patterns available, scrubs can still become mundane over time. You might be feeling the urge to accessorize more often, or to change something up. With scrubs, it seems like your options are limited… But that’s not true! There are many things you can do to compliment [...]

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​What is the "Grey Label Collection?"

Available in both Original and Simple Styles for women, our Grey Label scrub line has a European cut and is designed for a slimmer, high-fashion fit. If you prefer a more relaxed-fitting garment, we recommend sizing up. Grey Label scrubs are made with high-quality imported fabric that feels and looks similar to the fabric used for [...]

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