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Everything You Need to Know About Disposable Caps

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Think of your favorite scrub cap from Blue Sky Co.. Is it the Pixie, the Pony, or the Poppy? Is it one of our men’s scrub caps? Now imagine being able to so conveniently throw away your cap after use! And then just grab another one when you need it. It can be that easy with disposable caps from us, here at Blue Sky Co..

What Are Disposable Scrub Caps from Blue Sky Co.?

It’s pretty simple. Our disposable caps are the throw-away version of their parent caps- the caps you’ve already fallen in love with. If you’ve been at this for a while, it’s likely that you already have your own patterned, permanent cap! But disposable caps will always have their purpose in hospitals and medical facilities just because of the sheer amount of germs and bacteria, and the caps’ convenience, of course.

When Are Disposable Caps Useful?

For both patients and visitors in hospitals and medical facilities, disposable caps are extremely useful. They help keep those nasty germs and contaminants away from sterile environments, and keep hair out of the way, of course. All around, they’re incredibly useful!

Disposable Caps Offered at Blue Sky Co.

If you’re interested in purchasing disposable scrub caps either for yourself or for your medical facility, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Blue Sky Co. offers the most superior disposable scrub caps (in fit, style, and form, etc) and also offers bulk and group orders! So if you need to order your own set of disposable caps, just get in touch with Blue Sky Co.!

It’s been over a decade now since we began creating and selling medical scrubwear that will simply blow you away. That’s right; Blue Sky Co. is so much more than just disposable scrub caps and group orders! We also offer top of the line scrubwear, as well as scrub accessories like jackets, vests, scarves, and more! Check out our collection today. 

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