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Browsing Our Lab Coats and Undershirts For Medical Professionals

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we do a lot more for medical professionals than just providing scrubs. We also make professional, stylish and comfortable lab coats, undershirts and much more! Today we’ll be discussing those two; lab coats and undershirts, and looking at some specific examples from our catalog to help you figure out which ones are right for you.

Lab Coats

The Blue Sky lab coats aren’t your average lab coats. They’re all specially made with Teflon Protection Technology that repels and releases stains to keep you looking clean, professional and stylish. Try out our Bradford and Preston lab coats and we promise you won’t be disappointed! The feel and comfort of the fabrics alone is enough to make you put on our coats every day before a long shift!

Baselayers and Undershirts

Now you know all about the lab coats to go over your scrubs, but what about the baselayers and undershirts that go underneath your scrubs? Well we have many options of these for both men and women, so let’s take a look.

For men. If you’re looking for polo undershirts, try out the Hampton Cotton Polo or the Henley Stretch Polo, we guarantee you’ll want to keep these comfy shirts on even after your shift ends. Or if you want something warmer that will be perfect for layering, try one of our long-sleeved options like the Hudson Long Sleeved Tee or the Hayden Baselayer.

For Women. We also have plenty of comfortable options for women like the Windsor Long Sleeved Tee, a perfect option for layering to stay warm. Then there’s the Aston Stretch Polo, made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a comfy stretch that allows for plenty of activity. The Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee is another great option for staying warm, and even comes with a hood!

So if you’ve already purchased scrubs, but you need a lab coat, undershirt or both to go along with it, what are you waiting for? Get online and we’ll take your order today!

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