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Personalize Your Blue Sky Stretch Scrubs

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Are you looking for ways to personalize your routine work wardrobe? Well, look no further! We have several ways that you can accomplish this, from scrub caps to lanyards to our favorite prints and patterns! We hope you find ways to put a new spin on your medical uniform!


Blue Sky Co. carries beautiful lanyards that will do more than just hold your name tag: they’ll spice up your uniform with their gorgeous designs! Try out these designs and more: The Royals, a beautiful blue-beaded lanyard. Or Luau, a lanyard featuring the Hibiscus flower in shades of tangerine, orange, and crystal.

Matching Earrings

Yes- each of our wonderful lanyards has a pair of matching earrings available for purchase. We just love it! Check out these earrings that match the lanyards above: The Royals, and Luau.

Bold Colors

What better way to personalize your work wardrobe than with your favorite colors? Our Classic Shelby scrubs are available in a wide variety of beautiful shades, including but certainly not limited to Eggplant,Royal Blue, and Marisol Gold.

Scrub Caps

Whether it’s the Poppy, Pixie, or Pony scrub cap, you’re sure to spruce up your wardrobe with a scrub cap from Blue Sky Co. The Poppy fits like a bouffant cap, great for any hairstyle. And as their names suggest, the Pony fits well for longer hair and pony tails, and the Pixie, for shorter hair or pixie cuts.

Favorite Prints and Patterns

Speaking of scrub caps, have you seen these prints and patterns? There are dozens of solids and patterns available for each type of scrub cap: the Poppy, Pixie, and Pony. You’re bound to find one to fall in love with!

And there we have it, friends! Here are five great ways to accessorize your scrubs and personalize your uniform! We hope we’ve inspired you to take your uniform up a notch! 

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