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Scrub Tops and Pants for Women: Just 10 Dollars!

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Blue Sky scrubs are known for their comfortable scrubs, breathable fabric, gorgeous design and impeccable style. If you’ve shopped with us before and tried on a pair of Blue Sky scrubs, you already know all those things. But did you know about our sales too? Many of those very same amazingly comfortable, gorgeous and stylish scrubs are available for as low as $10! Here’s some of the items we have on sale for women’s scrubs.

$10 Scrub Tops

Urban Scrub Top- This top has a relaxed fit that’s tailored in all the right places, and it comes in three different colors; slate grey scrubs, navy blue scrubs or ciel blue scrubs. It's made with a blend of polyester and cotton that’s amazingly comfortable and unshrinkable!

Aston Stretch Polo- This super stretchy polo pairs perfectly with any of our scrub pants for that ‘casual friday’ at the office. In this polo you’ll head out from work and be ready for the weekend, and it’ll be too comfortable to take off.

Grey Label Scrub Tops- Get these bright, colorful and durable scrubs while you can! They have a slim, modern fit scrubs, they’re wrinkle and fade resistant, they won’t shrink in the dryer, and they come in a whopping 12 different colors!

$10 Scrub Pants

Urban Scrub Pants- If you get the Urban Top, be sure to get these pants for the perfect match. These pants are sure to elevate your look, and they have the added bonus of unique white accent stitching along the hemlines.

Grey Label Simple Scrub Pants- These wonderfully-tailored, low-rise pants are made with an ultra durable poly/cotton fabric blend, and the gorgeous style of the slim straight leg will be sure to turn some heads! Just like the Grey Label Top, these pants come in 12 amazing scrubs colors!

But these aren’t the only things for sale! To view our other women’s scrubs items for sale, or to check out the $10 items we have available for men, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

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