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Blue Sky's Scrub Pants For Men

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If you’ve recently purchased one of our extremely comfortable and stylish scrub tops from the Blue Sky Co. website, It's time to get a great pair of scrub pants to go with it! Here’s a short list of some of our favorite scrub pant options for men.

David Scrub Pants

This Blue Sky staple has everything you need in a comfortable scrub pant. They’re a perfect match for the David Scrub Top, and they’re guaranteed to be ultra-comfy and keep you looking sharp. These pants are also wrinkle and fade resistant, and they won’t shrink when they’re dried! They’re made of 35% cotton for a great, lightweight feel. And you can make them match your style, since they come in four color options and four size options.

Gibson Technical Scrub Pants

If you purchased the Ajax Technical Scrub Top already, these lightweight, stretchy scrub pants are the perfect match. They’re a perfect pant for any occasion, and since they’re sweat-wicking, they make great workout pants. They’re perfect for a hard worker or anyone with an active lifestyle. They’re made of 94% polyester and 6% spandex with an ultra-comfortable adjustable elastic waist. They’ve got a total of four pockets; two large back pockets and two side pockets to carry everything you need. The Gibson Technical is available in four different color options and five size options.

Make Your Own

If neither of the options above satisfy what you’re looking for in men’s scrub pants, don’t worry, because you can even design your very own pair of scrub pants on our website! You can customize everything from size and color to even pocket placement and inseam length! To order one of the scrub pants we’ve talked about in this blog, or to start making your own custom pants, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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