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Ajax and Gibson Technical Scrubwear for Men

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Our line of Technical scrubs has truly been impressive over time! They’re sporty, they’re durable, trendy, and everything else you love out of your scrubwear! Let’s get down to the basics of Technical scrubs for men; we have the Ajax Technical top, and the Gibson Technical pants. Pair them together and there’s no stopping you! You can also check out our women scrubs collections

The Ajax Technical Scrub Top

This top is everything you dreamed it to be. It’s made of the world’s finest fabrics. To be specific, it’s made out of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. So there’s definitely some room to stretch in there! This top is completely layerable and versatile; wear a baselayer underneath or toss on a Blue Sky jacket to complete the look! You know you’ll look fantastic!

The Gibson Technical Scrub Pants

Look at how comfortable these pants seem! Not seem- are. The Gibson Technical scrub pants are definitely what you’ve been searching for all this time. They’re perfect for work or for lounging around on your time off. They’re available in four professional colors that we know you’ll rock, and they’re 100% comfy!

Choosing Blue Sky Co.

When you go with Blue Sky Co., you’re choosing amazing scrubwear and accessories that you just can’t work without. But you’re also choosing quality, patient, understanding, excellent customer service! We try our honest best to make every process easier on you, from ordering, to group ordering, to returns and exchanges; we work to make sure you have to do less work!

You’d be surprised at what a good outfit will do for you while you work. It perks you up, helps you feel confident and important, and reminds you of why you’re there in the first place. So suit up in our medical scrubs and experience medical scrubwear as you’ve never experienced it before! Log online today and see what we’re talking about. We also sell a full line of women scrubs

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