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5 Reasons To Stick With Blue Sky For Your Scrubwear

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings when we only had a few scrub tops and scrub pants in our collection. Now we’ve got tons of scrubs made from the finest fabrics, and we’ve also got jackets, vests, lab coats, hats and much more! To see what helped us grow so much, let’s take a look at what our customers love about our unique brand. Here are 5 reasons that Blue Sky Scrubs are for you:

Extremely Comfy Fabrics

When you put on your medical scrubs, the most important thing is your comfort. If you’re going to be wearing something all day while you work, it better feel great! That’s the mindset we have when we design our luxurious scrubs for medical professionals like you.

Teflon Protection

Lab coats are valuable, important parts of your outfit. So when we design our lab coats, we want them to last as long as they can. That’s why every lab coat we make has Teflon Protection Technology, which repels and releases all stains, keeping you looking fresh and clean through your whole shift.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

As a medical professional, you probably have to move around quickly from room to room, and you might not always have time to run back to a locker when you need something. That’s why we make all of our scrubs, lab coats and jackets to have ample pocket space. Need extra? Try our Cargo Scrubs!

Wrinkle and Fade Resistant

You heard that right! Our scrubwear is wrinkle and fade resistant no matter how many times you run them through the washer and dryer!

Won’t Shrink

On top of being wrinkle and fade resistant, our scrubs also won’t shrink after they’ve been dried! What could be better than that? Just pull them out of the dryer and they’ll be ready to go! To check out our scrubwear and see all of these amazing attributes in action, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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The Basics to Cleaning Blue Sky Scrubs

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