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Have You Found Your Favorite Pattern?

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It’s almost upon us… the season of giving! Of giving thanks, of giving gifts, and so on. Have you ever gifted a coworker with a brand new Blue Sky scrub cap? We think our perfectly patterned scrub caps make wonderful gifts. So let’s take a look, and find your favorite. You’ll know it when you see it!

Try out these five patterns:


We love this pattern. Chevron will never go out of style! Hues of green and grey collide in this soothing, mesmerizing pattern. We’ve started off on the right foot, haven’t we? Is this your favorite already?

Lone Star State

Howdy! Who feels like getting their inner Texan on? Iconic Texas images are shown across a blue, cornflower background. Can you spot the “Yellow Rose of Texas?” Gift this cap to a fellow Texan, or keep it for yourself; either way, you’ll be satisfied!

Cerchi Colorati

This pattern is bright, vibrant, and colorful. It’s reminiscent of carnival lights, or ferris wheels. The canvas is midnight blue, which looks great against amazing colors like yellow, pink, and green.

Coral Spellbound

Coral Spellbound is a pattern we’ve of course fallen in love with! It’s bright pink background and hypnotizing white geometric shapes have us, well, spellbound! You’re bound to love it, too.

Promising Glee

Bring a smile to your coworkers’ and patients’ faces with this pattern, named Promising Glee! Against a sky blue background, you’ll find flowers in bright, happy colors like pink, and orange! This pattern sure cheers us up here at Blue Sky Co..

Have you found a favorite scrub cap pattern yet? We hope we’ve you a few good ideas on where to get started! And don’t forget to head over to our website to view the rest of what we have to offer, like medical scrubs and outerwear you may need for the winter! Happy shopping! 

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