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Having Trouble Staying Warm? Try These Jackets and Vests For Women

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It may be summer, but if you work in a medical facility you might still have an issue with your workplace being too cold. If you do, you should definitely check out some Blue Sky jackets and vests that are perfect for keeping you just warm enough without getting too hot or restricting your movement at work. Let’s check out just a few of our great options for women’s jackets and vests here.

Haddington Softshell Jacket

Let’s start off with one of our old Blue Sky staples for women! The Haddington Softshell Jacket is sure to bring you comfort and style no matter where you are or what the temperature is like. This 100% polyester jacket is amazingly breathable and comfy, but it’s also water resistant and has a microfleece lining! It comes in six different options of color so that you can match it perfectly with your favorite set of Blue Sky scrubs!

Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

Next up, we’ve got the Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket. This one is an excellent choice whether you’re trying to keep warm and comfy at work, or even if you’re working out at the gym. It's made with a warm, cozy material that is breathable and moisture-wicking. That means you can work up a sweat in this jacket and it won’t show up on your clothes! This jacket also has elastane side panels to give you an extra stretch.

Kensington Softshell Vest

Lastly, we have our amazing women’s vest, the Kensington Softshell. This fleece-lined vest is super comfy, and if you’re bothered by sleeves getting in the way of your wrists and arms while you work, this one is definitely the right choice for you. To check out the Kensington for yourself, or any of the other jackets listed here, just visit the Blue Sky Co.  website.

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