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Scarves: Perfect for Cold Weather

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Scarves aren’t just an accessory. They’re an essential for those walks into work when you can’t stand to escape your warm car (or bed, for that matter). Wrap a scarf around your neck before heading out the door, and your body heat will take care of the rest. You’ll find yourself feeling a ton warmer, even if you have to take it off for your shift. Blue Sky Co.. has three patterns of scarves for women that we’re certain you’ll love!

The Skylar Scarf

You can wear it with any of our jackets or vests for the perfect layering opportunity. The Skylar scarf has the perfect mixture of coordinating colors like teal, orange, charcoal, and pink. Each color compliments the next. We hope you love our Skylar scarf!

The Camilla Scarf

There’s nothing warmer than a scarf. We know this. Layer a Camilla scarf over your jacket and you’ll feel cozier than ever, and you’ll look stylish, too. Are you a fan of plaid? This scarf has crisscrossing shades of purple, grey, black, and white. As far as scarves go, this one goes the extra mile with its style.

The Logan Scarf

Lastly, Blue Sky Co. offers the Logan scarf, and we know you’ll love it. It’s a simple black and white checkered pattern, perfect for any outfit! This makes it a staple for your wardrobe and an essential for staying warm. We’ve made sure each of our cashmere-like scarves are perfect for layering, wearing, and loving.

When you need a little warmth… head on over to Blue Sky Co.. We’ll make sure you stay warm, cozy, and comfortable throughout your entire shift! Not only are our scarves and softshell jackets extremely comfortable, but our medical scrubs are, too! So don’t forget to check those out too, and outfit yourself in the perfect medical wardrobe. 

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