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Bringing Out Your Inner Athlete With The Sadie Tunic Scrub Top

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we try to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering scrubwear and accessories that go above and beyond in the areas of comfort and style. We want the outfits you get from us to be viable options for wearing both on and off the clock. That’s why today we’re excited to talk to you about one of our newer med-leisure fabrics, the Sadie Tunic Scrub Top!

The Sadie Tunic Scrub Top

This new scrub top is designed specifically to bring out your inner athlete! You’ll stay comfortable all day long in this perfect combination of athletic-wear and scrubwear. It's made of 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex, giving you a nice extra stretch so that you can move around in all the ways you’ll need to throughout your work shift, and before or after work when you hit the gym or workout at home!

The Perfect Match

Once you’ve tried on the Sadie Tunic Scrub Top, we know you’ll love it! But you’ll want an equally comfortable and athletic pair of scrub pants to go with it! Luckily, we offer lots of options for that! To find the right match for the Tunic Top, we suggest trying out the Luna Scrub Leggings, Landon Trouser Scrub Pants, or even the Cargo Scrub Pants if you carry a lot around at work and you need the extra pocket space! Be sure to browse around on our website and we know you’ll find the right match!

Blue Sky Co.

We’ve got a whole lot more scrubwear and accessories for you to check out. And what makes our service special is that we don’t just have plain-old scrubs. Our scrubs can have special properties like sweat-wicking and weather resistance, and they’re only made with the most comfortable fabrics that money can buy! To check out our full collection, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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