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Browsing Jackets and Vests for Men

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With temperatures dropping and the winter season right around the corner, it’s time to change up your wardrobe. The hospital or other facility you work in might be particularly cold, so you’ll need to have comfortable jackets and vests to wear over your scrubs to keep you warm. We recently covered our Women’s Outerwear, so it’s only fair if we give men the same taste of our choices! If you visit the Blue Sky Co. website page for Men’s Outerwear, you can browse many different options. Let’s explore some of them here.

Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket

This classic jacket provides the perfect lightweight, stretchy layer for a long shift, and works great for keeping you warm too! The Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket is great no matter what kind of weather you’re facing, since it resists wind and water. This jacket is 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane, making it stretchy enough for any kind of movement. It also has plenty of storage with one chest pocket and two bottom security pockets.

Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket

The stylish Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket is great whether you’re at work or outside of work, and especially if you’re outdoors! That’s because this jacket is moisture-wicking, meaning if you sweat in it, the sweat won’t stay on you and cause any discomfort. This ultra-versatile jacket is also extremely stretchable, as the name suggests, since its made out of 15% Spandex. Similar to the Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket, the Aspen has two sizeable bottom pockets and one chest pocket, so you’ll always have enough room for work-related storage or for when you’re out on the road.

Highland Stretch Vest

The final men’s outerwear we’re going to look at is the Highland Stretch Vest, a super-stretchy midweight vest that will allow your arms to freely move, but keep you as warm as you need to be. When you get one for yourself, you’ll notice right away that the material is extremely soft and stretchy.

If none of these are quite what you were looking for, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website page for Men’s Outerwear and feel free to browse our many different selections.

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