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Got Enough Pocket Space in Your Scrubs? Blue Sky Scrubs Do

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It’s time to talk pockets! How much pocket space do you need for your personal items? It’s totally okay if you need a lot of pocket space; that’s why we’ve created cargo scrubs! But let’s explore a couple of other lines of our medical wear, and check out their pockets, too! Ultimately, the more pockets, the better!

Classic David and Shelby Scrubs

Our Classic Shelby scrubs are known for their white designer stitching that stands out against their vibrant colors! But that’s not all; Shelby scrubs have one chest pocket, one secret pocket on the inside, and two pockets on the scrub pants! David scrubs mimic this pocket-pattern. Is that enough space? Maybe not! Let’s take a glance at Technical scrubs.

Technical Scrubs

Our Technical scrubs are comfortable, versatile, and very movable. That’s what they’re known for, at least! But when it comes to pockets, they’ve got you covered. The Technical top features one chest pocket and one secret pocket on the inside. Technical bottoms have two front pockets, and two back pockets. That’s a ton of space!

Cargo Scrubs

Last but certainly not least, we have our brand new Cargo scrubs! Available in several different shades, these cargo scrubs are everything you’ve been looking for! The Cargo scrub top alone holds five open pockets, and one zippered pocket to protect your personal belongings. That’s a lot of pockets, friends! And we haven’t even reached the bottoms yet. But speaking of Cargo bottoms, our Peyton scrub bottoms have seven total pockets! Hey, you asked for it, and we delivered!

We know how important pocket space is. You have a lot to carry with you, and some of those items might be quite large. So why not store them safely in a cargo pocket? You can trust your Blue Sky Co. scrubwear to keep everything safe and secure while you work! 

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