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Men's Jackets and Vests Done Right With Blue Sky Co.

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If you work in a particularly cold hospital or medical facility, it's time to upgrade your medical wardrobe to keep you as comfortable as you need to be to perform your job right! Since we’ve got so many great options for jackets and vests on the Blue Sky Co. website, let’s just stick to some of our favorite options for men’s jackets and vests in this blog.

Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket

This lightweight, super soft, wind and water resistant jacket is an excellent choice for many reasons. When it comes to keeping you warm it's definitely a great jacket to try out. The Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket is made of an excellent blend of 92% polyester and 8% elastane, making it both stretchy and extremely comfortable. It also has one chest pocket and two bottom security pockets to help you carry whatever you may need.

Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket

This fantastic Blue Sky jacket is a great multi-tasker! It’s an excellent choice whether you’re trying to keep warm in a cold hospital or outside, no matter what the weather’s like! This jacket is moisture-wicking, meaning that you can sweat in it and it won’t stay wet! The 15% spandex in this jacket is what gives it the word “stretch” in its name, and you’ll definitely feel the extra stretch when you put it on!

Highland Stretch Vest

For our final piece of men’s outerwear, we’ll be looking at the Highland Stretch Vest. When you want the warmth and comfort of a jacket, but you don’t want sleeves to restrict your arms while working, this is the perfect choice. And you’ll notice how soft and stretchy it is as soon as you put it on.

To view and purchase these men’s outerwear for yourself, or to check out all of our other amazing scrubwear and accessories, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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