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Perfect Scrubs for the Petite Wearer

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If your body type is pettie, you know how difficult it can be to find the right clothing, and especially the right scrubs! But don’t worry. Blue Sky Co. has made life easier for you by creating our Grey Label scrubs: perfect for the petite wearer. Let’s dive into these scrubs and see what they’re all about!

Grey Label Shelby Scrubs

Available in a wide selection of colors (including your favorite: surgical green), we have our Grey Label Shelby scrubs! The fit is slim, sleek, and modern. You’ll absolutely love it. And yes, these scrubs have our white designer stitching around the pockets. You love that, too! Enjoy their perfect blend of cotton and polyester that is so soft you’ll be wanting to sport these scrubs on the weekend!

Grey Label Simple Scrubs

Take away the infamous white stitching and you have the Petite Grey Label Simple scrubs! They’re available in even more colors, and of course have a super simplistic fit. These perfectly tailored scrubs were made with a petite girl in mind. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found the perfect scrubs!

Customized Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we know how difficult it can be to find perfectly fitting scrubs, or even well fitting scrubwear. That’s why we offer so many different types of scrubs, as well as customized scrubs for both men and women! So if you need something special out of your scrubs, like a longer pant leg, or a shorter scrub top, we’ve got you covered! Just visit our customization page and place your order!

No matter your body type, we’ll find the right scrubs for you at Blue Sky Co., even if they’re customized! But that is the beauty of customization, isn’t it? You can find scrubwear that suits your specific needs right here at Blue Sky Co.. 

Returns and Exchanges Done in the Most Convenient Manner

Hey you! Yeah, we’re looking at you. You’re a customer. You know how difficult it can be to make a return or exchange after you’ve purchased something. That’s where Blue Sky Co. comes in; we make it super easy peasy. The most important thing to us is that we outfit you in the correct scrubwear [...]

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Beginning with Classic Shelby and David Scrubs

Let us introduce you to where our scrubs first began: the Shelby and David scrubs. Both were designed with you in mind, and of course can be customized to suit your every need! But we want to delve into the specifics of everything! So stay tuned, friends! Here’s a quick break down of our Shelby [...]

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Do You Need to Place a Group Order?

If you’re part of a medical facility like a hospital or other establishment, you know that it can be far more convenient to order medical scrubs in bulk. Not to mention, there are perks; we’ll tell you all about them shortly! And we can assure you that when you place a group order through Blue [...]

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3 Common Scrub Stains and How to Treat Them

At Blue Sky Co., we’re not just about scrubs; we’re all about how to treat them properly, too. Why? Because we want your medical wardrobe to last you as long as possible! Treating your scrubs well means knowing the ins and outs of stain removal. So below we’ve laid out three common scrub stains, and [...]

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Wear Your Scrubs Out: Other Uses For Medical Attire

Are you looking to wear your scrubs out? That is, not in public (although you could as long as they were properly sanitized!). We’re talking retired scrubs. Scrubs that are stained, or torn, or no longer fresh enough for work. It happens to the best of scrubs: they wear out. So let’s talk other uses [...]

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Express Yourself With These Five Beautiful Patterns

What better way to express that great personal style you have than with a medical scrub cap to go with your uniform? At Blue Sky Co., we have tons upon tons of different patterns for both men and women alike! Step into our closet by visiting our website, and until then, take a glance at [...]

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Do Stretch Scrubs Have Enough Pockets?

Are you looking for a set of scrubs with plenty of pocket space? Well, look no further! Our Classic Shelby scrubs have an abundance of space to hold your personal items, and we have ideas to add pockets to your wardrobe, too! Read on further, and fall in love with our Shelby scrubs and accessories!Shelby [...]

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Spruce Up Your Scrubs: 5 Ways to Keep Them Clean

You love your scrubs, and you want them to stay as clean as they were the first day you brought them home! But how do you keep them so clean? Well, follow these five simple guidelines, and it’ll be a piece of cake.Start with Quality Stretch ScrubsStart with only the best scrubs, preferably scrubs from Blue [...]

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When it's Time for Baby, is it Time for Scrubs?

You’ve carried around your sweet new bundle of joy for nine months, the most exciting part of the pregnancy is about to arrive! Now it’s time to think about outfits for after delivery -- does that mean it’s time for scrubs?Your comfort stems from the clothes you wear - first and foremost. From mom and dad, [...]

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