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Women's Jackets and Vests For Superior Comfort

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If you work in a chilly hospital or other medical facility, or for any other reason you just need some outerwear that offers superior comfort, Blue Sky Co. is the right place to look. We just recently showed off some of our jackets and vests for men, so now it's time to talk about everything that our women’s jackets and vests have to offer!

Kensington Softshell Vest

Let’s start our list of women’s outerwear with the Kensington Softshell Vest. For those of you who prefer a vest to a jacket, this is definitely the option for you. This super-comfy, 100% polyester vest will allow you to stretch and move around freely while you’re working without restricting your arms with sleeves. It also comes in four different color options so you can have both comfort and whatever style suits you best.

Haddington Softshell Jacket

This Blue Sky staple of a jacket is a perfect choice when facing cold weather or a cold work environment. It's made of 100% polyester just like the Kensington, is super soft to the touch, breathable, comfy and even water resistant! And this one comes with even more color options than the Kensington, with a total of six different colors to choose from!

Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

The Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket is extremely comfy, breathable and even sweat-wicking, so you can work up a sweat without any worry! That makes this jacket an excellent choice whether you’re trying to keep warm at work or working out at the gym! The elastane side panels on this jacket give you extra stretch, movability and comfort. You can see why we call the Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket the ultimate multitasker!

So that’s all we have today for our women’s jackets and vests! But to check out the rest of our amazing scrubwear and other accessories, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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