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Beyond Scrubs: Lab Coats and Undershirts for Medical Professionals

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Are you looking for more than just scrubs? Well you’re certainly looking in the right place! Here at Blue Sky Co., we have everything you need and more to create the perfect work wardrobe! So stay tuned; today we’re here to discuss our luxurious lab coats, and our supremely soft, super comfortable undershirts!

Luxurious Lab Coats

Our Bradford and Preston lab coats will blow you out of the water this summer! They’re cool, comfortable, and of course practical! They’re made from the world’s finest fabrics, and sewn to suit you perfectly. What’s more? They have technology that helps to repel and release stains. So your brand new lab coat will be easy to care for!

Cool Baselayers and Undershirts

In addition to our lab coats, let’s take a glance at our undershirts. There’s plenty we have to offer for both men and women!

For women.To start, our Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee has really hit it off! Its hood is of course a plus, and it’s as soft and comfortable as ever. Next, we have our Aston Stretch Polo that’s a staple for any wardrobe! It’s made out of 95% cotton and 5% Spandex Pique Knit. And lastly, Blue Sky Co. offers the Windsor Long Sleeve Tee. It’s versatile, and perfect for layering underneath your scrubs in a chilly work environment.

For men. Liking the long sleeves? They’re perfect for layering. Try out our Hudson Long Sleeved Tee or the Hayden baselayer. Both are long sleeved, and ultra comfortable. And when it comes to polo shirts, we’ve got you covered. Try out the Hampton Cotton Polo or the Henley Stretch Polo! They’re great for work and for your time off!

No matter what it is that you need, we hope you find it here at Blue Sky Co.. We work hard to bring you the type of scrubwear you enjoy wearing to work. So go ahead, log online and place your order today! 

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