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Putting Together Your Entire Medical Uniform

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we love putting your medical uniforms together by offering the latest, greatest scrubwear on the market! Our scrubs are superior in how they fit and feel. You’ll never find a brand of scrubwear out there that matches Blue Sky Co.! It’s just not possible! So here, let us help you set up your entire medical uniform right here at Blue Sky Co..

Medical Scrubs

Blue Sky Co. offers many styles of medical scrubs. We try to accomodate all types of fits, from petite, to not so petite. We also give our customers the option to customize their scrubwear until it’s absolutely perfect for them! We believe that’s the least we can do for medical professionals just trying to find scrubs that fit well!

From our Classic David and Shelby scrubs to Petite Grey Label scrubs, we carry it all. Log online today to view our collection and find the perfect scrub set for you!

Lab Coats

Our Bradford and Preston lab coats are definitely something to brag about, in our humble opinion. Each coat is made to cater to your comfort. They’re made of 100% unbelievably soft cotton twill fabric. They’re fabrics are also made with Teflon Protection Technology which repels and releases stains, making your coat all the more easy to care for! Don one of our infamous lab coats and your wardrobe will never be the same.

Surgical Caps

FInally, to top it all off, we have scrub caps! We have scrub caps for all types of fits and styles. From our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony caps to our men’s caps and disposable caps, we carry it all! Just find out which one suits you, choose a lovely pattern from our wide selection, and your outfit will be complete!

Not sure where to go from here? It’s simple. Log online to our website and view our incredible collection of medical attire; you won’t be disappointed. 

Perfect Patterns for Your Favorite Nurse

Are you ready to give your favorite nurse the best gift yet? Scrub caps make wonderful gifts for nurses and other medical professionals; available in dozens of fabulous patterns, Blue Sky Co. has quite the selection! So let’s dive right into these seven patterns we’ve handpicked for your favorite nurse. Happy shopping!Blossoming Rose Plum is [...]

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A Fresh Take On Men's Outerwear

Although we’re transitioning into Spring, it’s still chilly some mornings! You may want a jacket to take with you on your walk into work. Or maybe your work environment is too cold, and you’d like an extra layer! Whatever the reason, Blue Sky Co. can outfit you in the perfect outerwear! Men’s outerwear, that is. [...]

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The Perfect Hairstyles to Fit Your Scrub Caps

Are you out to buy a new scrub cap but not sure what type to choose? Well isn’t that exciting process! What type of hairstyle do you sport, and which scrub cap is suitable for you? Well,we’re about to find out; stay turned to learn all about our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub caps. Because [...]

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Caps, Coats, and Other Medical Scrub Accessories from Blue Sky Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we have far more to offer than just medical scrubs! We also offer scrub caps, labcoats, lanyards, and even matching earrings! Let’s take a quick look at all of the great accessories that Blue Sky Co. has to offer you!Scrub Caps and Beautiful PatternsAside from men’s scrub caps and disposable [...]

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Complete Your Work Wardrobe with These 5 Scrub Cap Patterns- Blue Sky Stretch Scrubs

Are you looking for a way to revamp your athletic scrubs wardrobe? We don’t blame you; sometimes those plain ol’ scrubs can become so mundane. But alas, we have scrub caps at Blue Sky Co.! And with these scrub caps come dozens upon dozens of patterns! Scrub caps are a great way to freshen your wardrobe! [...]

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Stretch Fabric for Medical Professionals

If you work in the medical industry, you know how important it is to have comfortable, well-fitting scrubs that are made with quality- much like the scrubs you’ll find at Blue Sky Co.. In fact, these scrubs that you’re searching for are all you’ll find and more at Blue Sky Co.! Let’s talk about [...]

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FAQ: Three Common Questions About Our Scrubs

It’s okay to have questions; we’re here to answer them! If you have questions concerning Blue Sky scrubs, we’ve definitely got the right answers! Below are three frequently asked questions about our medical attire; we hope you find this information helpful! And as always, check out our revolutionary medical attire on our website!How Soft Are [...]

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Stay Warm with Gear From Blue Sky Co.

Are you looking for new ways to stay warm in your medical scrubs this season? While it hasn’t gotten too cold out yet, the temperatures will surely (hopefully) drop further, and soon! Why not gear up now so you’re ready for the chilly walks into work? Blue Sky Co. has three great options to share [...]

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Find a Petite Fit: Grey Label Scrubs

Are you tired of purchasing medical scrubs that don’t fit you correctly? With a petite body frame, it can be difficult to fit into traditional, oversized scrubs. But fortunately, Blue Sky scrubs do not fit this way; in fact, they fit quite flawlessly! If you’re looking for a petite fit, you must try out our [...]

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