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Why Choose Blue Sky Disposable Scrub Caps?

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Here at Blue Sky Co., you already know that we’re dedicated to making stretch scrubs that looks great, feels great and lasts longer than the competition. We make comfortable scrubs that you can wear again and again, so what’s the benefit of having a disposable scrub cap? Well, because of the amount of germs, hospitals and other medical facilities almost always have need for disposable scrubs. Most professionals will have their own scrubs, but there's still a need for disposables when it comes to visitors or patients.

Why Disposable?

Going disposable can be great for business and cost-effective for any hospital or other medical facility. Disposable scrubs can be time-savers, since you won’t have to launder any fabric. And also, they effectively keep contaminants away from patients and other medical personnel, like any other scrub. Caps are important because as it turns out, hair captures more contaminants than any other part of the body, especially since you won’t wash your hair throughout the day the same way you might wash your hands, so it's a good idea to have disposable scrub caps around.

For medical professionals, in situations where sterility is important, it's always good to consider disposable scrubs. In many cases, single-use scrubs can be much more effective than textile scrubs. We’re not saying to completely give up on fabric, but when the situation calls for it, you’d be wise to hop into some disposable scrubs.

What We Offer

Each of our amazing, lightweight disposable scrub caps are made with hypoallergenic material that does not include latex. They were designed to fit in the same style as our pony scrub cap and pixie scrub cap, our fabric options. For more information on the gorgeous scrub caps, lab coats and accessories that we offer, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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