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Anything But Basic: Our Preston Lab Coat

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Are you looking to purchase a new or spare lab coat? If you are, Blue Sky Co. has great options for you! We have both the Bradford and Preston lab coats, but today we’re just going to cover the Preston. We’re certain you’ll love everything this coat has to offer! Just wait and see. And don’t forget, our online shop is open 24/7, so you can log online anytime and revamp your wardrobe!

Blue Sky’s Preston Lab Coat

This coat has everything the Bradford coat has, except the style is taken up a notch with a professional, simplistic light grey trim! You’ll love its looks. But most of all, you’ll fall in love with its amazing qualities, like the coat’s unbelievably soft, 100% cotton twill fabrics! This coat also has Teflon protection Technology that repels and releases stains, making it much easier to care for. You just never know when an accident is going to happen! And if you’re worried about pocket space, worry no more: this coat has plenty of room in its three pockets. There’s one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets! What’s not to love about this coat?

Underneath the Coat: Durable Scrubs that Last

Blue Sky Co.’s medical scrubs are certainly made to last longer than other brands! They’re sewn from the finest fabrics around the world, are durable, and machine washable. They’re also wrinkle-free and fade-resistant, so they’re really easy to care for as well! You’ll love what you find at www.blueskyscrubs.com; we’re certain of it!

Be sure to log online today to view our stunning Preston lab coat, and our amazing collection of scrubwear as well. We have everything from medical scrubs, to scrub caps, to lab coats and beautiful lanyards! No matter what it is you need to get ready for work, you can find it here at Blue Sky Co.. 

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The Importance of Having Durable Fabric for Medical Scrubs

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