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Can't Find Scrub Pants That Are Tall Enough? Try These

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Can't Find Scrub Pants That Are Tall Enough? Try These

Nobody should have to suffer through their work day in uncomfortable clothing, least of all medical professionals! Your job is too important for you to be in discomfort or wearing ill-fitting clothes. But that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes you just can’t seem to find scrubs in the size you need! If you have tried on scrub pants after scrub pants and still haven’t found a pair that are tall enough for you, we have exactly what you need here at Blue Sky Scrubs! Introducing the Tall Simple and Tall Shelby Scrub Pants

Tall Simple Scrub Pants

These are absolutely classic scrub pants that no medical wardrobe would be complete without. They have similar features as the Shelby scrub pants, but taller, and they don’t have our white designer stitching. So if you’re looking for something more solid and simple, these are the perfect scrub pants for you! They’ll stay in great condition after many washes, and did we mention that they’re wrinkle and fade-resistant? These scrub pants also have the same four color options; Slate Grey, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue and Jet Black. We know you’ll absolutely fall in love with these scrub pants. Or maybe the Shelby Pants are more your style, let’s take a look.

Tall Shelby Scrub Pants

We took everything that medical professionals loved about our Classic Shelby Scrub Pants, and just made them taller for your convenience! They have plenty of pocket space with two sizable back pockets, and they come in four different beautiful colors; Slate Grey, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue and Jet Black. They also have a comfortable, relaxed fit, and don’t forget about our white designer stitching! We call these pants classic for a reason, and you’ll see why.

We hope that this scrubs blog has been helpful if you’re on the hunt for a pair of tall scrub pants to fit you and your needs. To see more of our entire collection of scrubs and other medical apparel, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

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