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Complete Your Scrub Outfit With Lab Coats, Scrub Caps and Lanyards

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At Blue Sky, we’re dedicated to giving you a complete medical outfit that makes you feel comfortable and leaves a lasting impression on you and everyone else who sees it. To us, that means a whole lot more than just making scrubs. To see what we mean, let’s talk about our lab coats, lanyards and scrub hats that can help you stay in style at work!

Lab Coats

A lab coat is a lot more than just a nice accessory, it can also be very practical when you’re at work. Lab coats can help keep you warm and provide extra pocket space for much-needed items. Both of those necessities are met perfectly with our Bradford and Preston lab coats, which are both made of 100% cotton! That cotton makes them feel super comfy and warm when you put them on, you’ll notice right away! They’ve also got Teflon Protection Technology to repel and release stains, keeping you looking fresh and clean while you work. And of course, these lab coats have excellent pocket space.

Scrub Caps

Our Blue Sky Scrub caps make an excellent addition to top off any outfit with a pop of color and style! And you can find a perfect match for all your outfits, since we have dozens of options of men’s scrub caps and hundreds of options for women! We know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


Lastly, add a little bit of extra color and style by picking out one of our lanyards for medical professionals. If you match them with your scrub top, lab coat and scrub cap, you’ll have a perfectly tailored and matching Blue Sky scrub outfit from head to toe! To purchase your very own lanyard, scrub cap or lab coat, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

Blue Sky's Scrub Pants For Men

If you’ve recently purchased one of our extremely comfortable and stylish scrub tops from the Blue Sky Co. website, It's time to get a great pair of scrub pants to go with it! Here’s a short list of some of our favorite scrub pant options for men.David Scrub PantsThis Blue Sky staple has everything you need in [...]

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Scrub Choices For Petite Sizes

Here at Blue Sky Co., we want all of our customers to be as comfortable as possible in their scrubs, and to look their very best! But if you have scrubs that are too big or baggy on you, they’re probably not very comfortable, and give you an unprofessional appearance. We want to help you [...]

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Disposable Scrubs are for Everyone

So what’s all this fuss about disposable scrubs? Well, the main benefit of disposable scrubs is that they function just like regular scrubs, but can be thrown away! Disposable scrubs are made of lightweight, fluid-resistant material, and are visibly not meant to be reused. They’re for everyone! We’re going to visit the topic of disposable [...]

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Activewear Meets Scrubwear: Performance Technical Scrubs

Have you tried out our new Technical scrubs yet? If not, it certainly needs to be added to your To Do list! They’re a remarkable statement piece in our collection! They’re where activewear comes to meet scrubwear. That’s right; they’re so comfortable they’re actually comparable to activewear!Technical TopsBlue Sky’s Technical Tops are the beginning of [...]

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3 Tips to Keep Your Scrubs Feeling Fresh

How do you keep your scrubs feeling fresh all shift long? Well, with a little TLC, of course! Let’s go over how to properly care for your medical attire in such a way that keeps your scrubs feeling fresh and clean!Wash Thoroughly with Extra WaterWhen you wash your medical scrubs, it helps to add extra [...]

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Caps, Coats, and Other Medical Scrub Accessories from Blue Sky Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we have far more to offer than just medical scrubs! We also offer scrub caps, labcoats, lanyards, and even matching earrings! Let’s take a quick look at all of the great accessories that Blue Sky Co. has to offer you!Scrub Caps and Beautiful PatternsAside from men’s scrub caps and disposable [...]

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Dive Into Luxurious David Scrubs

If you haven’t heard of or tried out our luxurious David scrubs, boy, are you missing out! They’re made of such soft and comfortable fabrics that might even want to wear these scrubs outside of work! They’re breathable, too, so you can feel your best at work! Ultimately, that’s our goal here at Blue Sky Co.: [...]

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How to Clean Stained Scrubs

Scrubs are very well known for being clean, but it can be a struggle to keep them that way. Below we’ll provide you with a few tips for ridding your scrubs of two most common stains: blood, and hard-earned sweat.Blood StainsFortunately, scrubs are easy to clean, so bleaching is completely safe in the worst case scenario. [...]

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