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Getting Technical with Emerson and Riley Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re always trying to make your life easier, at least, your life in scrubs. We’d like to introduce you to our most comfortable and versatile scrubs in our line of medical wear: Technical scrubs! They’re available for both men and women! Today we’ll review women’s technical scrubs; they’re bound to be just what you’ve needed all along. We’ll show you.

Our Emerson Technical Top

Let’s start with our Emerson Technical top! It’s extremely soft to the touch, sweat-wicking, and tailored to perfection! The sweat-wicking fabric is a major plus; it keeps you dry and comfortable all shift long! And this is (of course) a feature in both our Emerson and Riley scrubs. The Emerson Technical top will exceed your expectations!

Our Riley Technical Pants

Let’s move onto Blue Sky Co.’s Riley Technical pants! They’re everything you need out of scrub pants, and of course they pair quite nicely with the Emerson top! These scrub pants are made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex; that’s why they’re so comfortable! Made from the finest fabrics around the world, they’re bound to blow you away.

We want you to get the absolute most out of your scrubs. We like to say that our scrubs are so comfortable that you’ll likely want to wear them after work! This is definitely true for Technical scrubs. You can wear them to work, sure, we suggest it! But don’t rule out sporting these scrubs on the weekends while you’re lounging! They’re a great work or after-work companion.

Shop Blue Sky Co. today and you won’t be disappointed! You’ll love our line of medical attire; it always stands out in the crowd. So go ahead, log online and check out our line of Technical scrubs! We know you’ve been searching for them all along. Now you’ve finally found them! Also check out our other scrubwear

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