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3 Perks of Wearing the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee

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Try on our Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee and just try to tell us that you wouldn’t wear it after work! We’re willing to bet you would; it’s so comfortable. But as always, there’s a lot more to it! Below you’ll find three simple perks to wearing this infamous tee! We hope we win you over!

It’s Comfortable

With medleisure fabrics that are made out of a blend of 50% polyester, 37.5% cotton, and 12.5% rayon, this tee is bound to keep you comfortable through the most tiresome shifts. And in addition to its comfort, it also offers durability. This undershirt can handle the toll of every day wear and tear. You’ll be surprised at how many shifts you can sport it for!

It’s Fabrics Are…

So what’s all the fuss about this shirt’s fabrics? Well, for starts, they’re moisture wicking. But they’re also antimicrobial! So you’ve got it all. You’ll stay dry and comfortable through those sweaty shifts, and you’ll love how clean this tee stays! There’s nothing like a fresh undershirt to make you feel like a whole new woman!

It Fits Well With Your Scrubs

It’s no secret that this undershirt compliments your scrubwear! Whether you’re sporting it solo with a pair of scrub pants, or layering it underneath your scrub top, it’ll look great, and you’ll feel as comfortable as ever! How could you ever switch to a different brand of scrubwear?

Finally a tee that suits your style, and is everything you need and more! We promise you’ll feel right at home inside our Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee. And what’s more? There’s plenty of other scrubwear to choose from! You can get lost in our website while viewing our entire, lengthy collection! Check it out today; you can find it here!

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