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These Tees Make a Great Base Layer Under Your Scrubs!

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We appreciate everything that hard-working medical professionals do every day. Our mission is to make the daily work of medical professionals easier by providing them with comfortable, high-quality scrubs. But beyond just scrubs, we also provide base layers to wear underneath scrubs for maximum comfort. Today, let’s take a look at some of our stylish, comfortable vintage tees. If you’re looking for a comfy base layer to wear under your scrubs, these tees are a great choice. Click here for more information

Love Life Baseball Tee

Don’t like wearing short sleeves? Try out the baseball tee design. The Love Life Vintage Baseball Tee is a stylish and super comfy choice. For a more simplified look, this tee has a small graphic design on the chest of the shirt, rather than the large, centered graphic like some of our other tees. A white tee with stunning navy-blue sleeves, this one is almost too good-looking to cover up! But if you do, it feels great underneath a new pair of scrubs.

Good Times

This vintage, heather grey graphic tee will kick any outfit up a notch. Its relaxing fit and gorgeous blue design on the front that says “Good Times & Healing Vibes” makes it a great choice for a casual day out. Or if you choose to wear it underneath your favorite scrub set, its lightweight and soft fabric will help you feel great and work hard!

Swell Day

Show your Blue Sky pride in this comfy baseball tee! It has a similar design to the Love Life Tee, except it has light-grey rather than navy blue, and it has a larger graphic that says “Make It a Swell Day” and “Blue Sky Scrubs” at the bottom.

Radiate Positivity

Lastly, we have the navy blue Radiate Positivity Tee, which is sure to be comfy and super stylish with its graphic depicting a sunset that says “Radiate Positivity”. To check out all of the amazing vintage graphic tees, just visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.

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