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The Perfect Hooded Tee To Wear Under Your Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we work hard to make unique, comfortable and stylish scrubs and accessories that you’ll want to keep wearing long after your shift at the hospital has ended for the day. The Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee is no exception. Here are three reasons this hooded tee makes the perfect companion to your scrub outfit.

Soft, Comfy Fabric

Just like all of our other great products, this undershirt is guaranteed to be comfortable. It's made with 50% polyester, 37.5% cotton and 12.5% rayon, so it’s bound to keep you comfortable through any shift! Along with comfort, this undershirt is surprisingly durable, so it can handle whatever your work day throws at you.

Special Properties

So what makes the fabrics of this long sleeve tee so special? Well, these fabrics are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial! That means you’ll stay sweat-free throughout your shift, workout, or just at home, and the antimicrobial properties ensure that this baselayer stays clean and fresh-smelling all day long.

Layer For Perfection

There’s no doubt about it, this long sleeve tee is a perfect baselayer for any scrub outfit. You can even just wear the tee itself with a pair of scrub pants, either way, you’re sure to be comfortable and look great! Give the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee a try and see for yourself! With this hooded tee you’ll be able to stay warm and comfortable in something that’s perfect no matter where you are; at work, home, the gym, or anywhere else! We know this fantastic undershirt will make you feel great as soon as you put it on.

Luckily for you, we’ve got a lot more baselayers, scrubs, lab coats and so much more to choose from! Why not visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website and check out our full collection of beautiful, comfortable medical wear today.

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