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Men's Scrub Cap Patterns for Days

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Are you tired of your old scrub caps? Are the solids just not suiting your style? Well look no further: Blue Sky Co. has many patterns available for men’s scrub caps! Let’s take a quick glance at a few of our favorites! And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a favorite among these, or in our collection. So let’s get started!

Hammond Stripe

This pattern is a classic, and always will be. It’s light blue stripes against an eggshell white background are just so easy to look at, it’s a simple decision. You need this scrub cap in your wardrobe! It looks great with Ceil Blue or Navy scrubs!

Ian Plaid

Blue Sky Co. makes sure to give you plenty of options when it comes to plaid, but this one really stands out among the others! In this pattern you’ll find several colors: Midnight Blue, Slate Grey, Forest Green, Black, and White. But you’ll also find a bright yellow running through all of those colors. Perfect!

Hope, Love, Courage, Healing

It doesn’t have to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month for you to show your support! And let’s face it, pink looks good on you anyway! This pattern shows off many words of encouragement in a bright, vibrant pink.

Avery Rock Plaid

Keep it simple with this scrub cap! Its Navy and Cream checkered plaid pattern takes you back to the basics, and sometimes, that’s exactly what you need. This scrub cap looks great with Navy scrubs!

Wave Catcher

This scrub cap pattern is perfect for those who love to catch a break- and a few waves while they’re at it! Surfboards in bright colors decorate a chocolate brown backdrop. So kick back, relax, and find your favorite scrub cap.

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re happy to offer you so many options when it comes to scrubs and scrub cap patterns! We hope you’ve found a favorite today, or that you’re inspired to go looking! 

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