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Blue Sky's Ajax and Gibson Technical Scrubs For Men

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you only the best medical scrubs made from the finest fabrics that money can buy, including our amazing technical scrub collection. Today we’re going to give you a quick guide to some of our technical scrub options for men. Once you’ve finished this guide and picked out your preferred technical scrub, you’ll be able to go straight to our website and order it through our convenient online process!

The Ajax Technical Scrub Top

We’re extremely proud of how our Ajax Technical Scrub Top has turned out, and let us tell you why! This super-comfy scrub top is designed to help you both feel great and look great whether you’re working hard at your medical facility, at the gym getting a workout, or just at home relaxing and wanting something comfy to wear! The Ajax comes in four distinct colors so that you can work in style. You can choose between a scrub top that’s Navy Blue, Charcoal, Jet Black or Gray Melange. Last but certainly not least, the Ajax Scrub Top is sweat-wicking! Which means you’ll stay dry and comfortable even if you work up a sweat!

The Gibson Technical Scrub Pants

Many people find their scrub pants to be too restricting or uncomfortable while they work, but you won’t have that problem with these pants! The Gibson Technical Scrub Pants will be comfy all shift long, and just like the Ajax, even at the gym and at home after work. You won’t want to take them off once you’re home, that’s how comfy they are! And just like the Ajax, they’re also sweat-wicking. And these pants have a total of four pockets, giving you plenty of room to carry what you need.

To get the Ajax Technical Scrub Top or Gibson Technical Scrub Pants today, or both, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website!

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