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A Closer Look at the Everly Scrub Top

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re always trying to mix it up and make your work wardrobe extra exciting! That’s why we’ve thrown in the Everly scrub top- oh wait, have you not seen it yet? Well we’ll show you around, and also tell you how you can complete and accessorize this scrub outfit! Get ready for a fun and exciting shopping trip!

The Everly Scrub Top

The best thing about this scrub top is that it has ¾ sleeves! That’s just enough fabric to keep you warm, but not enough to slow you down or get in the way of your work! You’ll love the extra coverage. It’s also made of our medleisure fabric (we’ll explain what that is further down the line…), is featherweight and stretchy, and is wrinkle and fade-resistant! What’s not to love about this scrub top?

Luna Scrub Leggings

If you’re looking for a really comfortable medical scrub outfit, try pairing the Everly scrub top with our Luna scrub leggings! They’re the perfect scrub accessory and are amazingly comfortable; you’ll be sporting this outfit on your time off for sure! These leggings are light and stretchy, versatile, layerable, and they have two pockets for storage!

Medleisure Fabric

So what is medleisure fabric, might you ask? Well, simply put, it’s the point where athletic material meets scrubwear material! It’s soft, stretchy, and perfect for working those long, enduring shifts at the hospital! You just didn’t know you needed it in your work wardrobe until now…

Interested in our Luna scrub leggings or our Everly scrub top? Take a virtual trip to our website and view what else we have to offer! There’s plenty, you know: medical scrubs, lab coats, vests, jackets, scrub caps and even more! You’re bound to find something you either want or need. 

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