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Choosing Scrub Patterns for Your Caps

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When it comes to choosing scrub patterns for your caps, you’ve got dozens to choose from at Blue Sky Co.! We’re going to lay out seven of our favorites for you just to give you a glimpse at the beautiful patterns we have to offer! So stay tuned!

Our first pattern, Bellismas Plumas, features feathers of pastel colors that are perfect for springtime! You’ll love its brown canvas and beautiful decorations.

Carnival Bloom features a seal brown background and several colorful, vibrant flowers uptop the background. It’s floral, turquoise, and pink; you’re bound to love this scrub cap pattern.

This scrub cap will definitely brighten your day! Cherry Sunshine shows off a sun-kissed scarlet background with cream and rose flowers printed all about.

Fantasy is a scrub cap pattern you certainly don’t want to miss. You’ll find large blooming flowers of pink, green, blue, white, and pale yellow.

Let’s not forget about men’s scrub cap patterns! We’ll start off with our Anything is Possible pattern; it’s sure to inspire your patients and coworkers alike! On this cap you’ll find phrases like Fight, Hope, Anything is Possible, Healing, Victory, and faith.

Ah, the plaids. We can’t leave without mentioning our beautiful plaid patterns! Here’s one: Stone Hill Plaid. It’s bound to blow you away!

Ribbons of Hope is also inspiring! Show you support for breast cancer awareness by sporting this cap to work! You’ll find pink ribbons upon a pink canvas, and supportive messages such as “Care about a cure,” and “Reach for the stars.”

Of course, we don’t just stop at scrub caps. Blue Sky Co. is notorious for creating unique scrubs that fit in a unique way! They’re made well, made to fit you well, and above all- are customizable. So stop on by our website today and view our stunning collection of medical attire! 

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