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Where to Wear Blue Sky Scrubs

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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know how much we care about keeping your scrubs looking new for as long as possible. However, when we designed our scrubs here at Blue Sky Co., we designed them to be stylish for many more settings than just a medical setting. Now, we’re not suggesting that you put your current scrubs through more wear and tear by wearing them for outdoor activities or cleaning. We’re simply saying; pull out those retired scrubs! They’re perfect for other activities.

Put Your Retired Scrubs to Work

Daycare work, for example, is a great one. Spit up, throw up, and general baby “goodness,”- scrubs can handle it all (and you can easily change out of a messy scrub set and into a fresh one). The same thing goes for pet sitting! Outdoor work like weed pulling, gardening, and mowing the lawn creates messes that shouldn’t have to stain your favorite jeans. Don a pair of retired scrubs before going out and you’ll be covered- literally!

The Finest Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

Medical scrubs from Blue Sky Co. are made to fit you perfectly- and if they don’t fit flawlessly right off the bat, we offer customization to make sure they do (just visit our customization pages here or here). They’re made with a perfect blend of polyester and cotton, from the world’s finest fabrics. They’re also created to be wrinkle and fade-resistant, making sure that they last longer and look more professional through shift after shift! Place an order with us today and you’ll see what we’re bragging about.

So yes, scrubs that are in great condition should probably be saved for work, to help them last longer and look more sleek and vibrant. But retired scrubs are great for household chores and babysitting, and a wide array of other tasks. Just be sure you’re waiting until the very last wear so that you get the most out of your Blue Sky scrubs

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