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5 Benefits Of Choosing Blue Sky Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we try to do a lot more than just make average medical scrubs for you to where when you go into work. We try to make scrubwear, lab coats and all kinds of great accessories that make you look and feel great every time you put them on. We strive to make scrubwear that feels like something you can work out in or relax at home in. To see just what we mean, here are five reasons benefits that you’ll only find with Blue Sky Co.

Won’t Shrink

That’s right! Our scrubwear doesn’t shrink after being washed and dried like most other clothing does. Having trouble fitting into your scrubs after putting them through the dryer a few times? Try Blue Sky scrubs!

Luxurious Fabrics

This one is probably the most important on the list. When you wear something almost every day, you better make sure it's comfortable! Scrubs aren’t known to be the most luxurious, comfy, and best at regulating temperature, but here at Blue Sky, we’re all about that! You’ll feel the difference as soon as you put them on.

Won’t Wrinkle or Fade

Our scrubs have been proven time and time again not to wrinkle or fade nearly as bad as other scrubs, no matter how many times you put them in the dryer or throw them in a pile on the floor.

Repels and Releases Stains

We craft special Teflon Protection Technology into the fibers of our scrubs that helps them repel and release stains, keeping you looking and smelling fresh through your whole shift.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

Last but not least, when you put on Blue Sky scrubs you’ll always have enough room to carry what you need! Still need more pockets? Try putting on a lab coat with two large extra pockets. Still not enough? Try our cargo scrubs out for a total of 13 pockets!

As you can see, we have a lot to be proud of at Blue Sky, and we know you’ll love our scrubs just as much as we do when you try them on. To look at our full collection, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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