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Customizing Your Scrubwear With Blue Sky

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At Blue Sky Co., we have a huge selection of scrubwear and accessories of all kinds for you to browse, and we’re very proud of the designs we’ve made using only the finest of fabrics that money can buy. But even with all of our options, there’s a chance you might not find exactly what you were looking for. If that’s the case, don’t worry, because we have an option for you to customize your very own scrubs!

Designing Scrubs From Head To Toe

When it comes to the customization process, we’ve got all kinds of options for you. You can create custom scrub tops and scrub pants for both men and women, and you’ll get to customize everything you’ll need to face any temperature, no matter how hot or cold! We want you to be able to get exactly what you need to be comfortable no matter where you are.

You’ll start the customization process by choosing quantity, style and size of your order. For men there are six customizable size options, and eight for women. Then you’ll be able to get really stylish by choosing your colors! For men’s scrubs there are four color options, while women have nine.

But that’s not all you get to do! You can even choose smaller details like pocket design, pocket placement and even the length of the scrub top and the inseam of the pants! Once you’ve finished this detailed customization process, you can even leave comments with special requests for the design or the delivery of your brand new custom scrubs. With all of these amazing customization options, there’s no way Blue Sky scrubs won’t be able to fit your unique needs!

So what are you waiting for? Come visit the Blue Sky Co. website and get started on your very own customized scrubs!

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