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Choosing The Right Scrubs For Your Body Type

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Choosing The Right Scrubs For Your Body Type

When looking for scrubs that are comfortable, affordable, and high quality, you may find it challenging also to find scrubs that flatter your body type.

Choosing the right scrubs for your body type is essential because you will look more professional, and your patients and co-workers will have a more positive view of you. How you carry yourself and present yourself helps you gain respect and feel more confident about yourself because you feel better and like how your scrubs fit.

There are some basic human body shape categories that most everyone fits into, with a few minor variations. Just like regular clothes, specific scrub designs, colors, patterns, and cuts will be more flattering to your body type. We will give you some helpful tips to help you choose the best scrub fit for your body type.

The Four Basic Human Body Types

1. Apple Shape

People with apple-shaped bodies have broad shoulders with a wider torso, and the lower portion of their body is more petite with a mostly undefined waist. Women with apple-shaped bodies will have broader shoulders, larger breasts, narrower hips, and slimmer legs and arms.

2. Pear Shape (Triangle Shape)

People with pear-shaped bodies will have narrow shoulders, moderately sized breasts, trimmer waist, and carry most of their weight on their hips and thighs. Pear-shaped bodies are thinner on the top and fuller on the bottom.

3. Athletic Shape

People with athletic-shaped bodies are built slim, narrow at both the hips and shoulders, and are not generally considered curvy.

4. Hourglass Shape

Generally, women are classified as hourglass-shaped if they have curves on both the bottom and the top with relatively even weight distribution.

Scrubs For Each Body Style

Here are some helpful tips to make choosing the ideal scrubs for your body type easier.

Apple Shape

The following tips for choosing the best scrub styles for women with apple-shaped body types include:

  • Wearing mock-wrap styles that diagonally cross your body which decreases the appearance of your upper body
  • Wearing v-neck styles, either with or without a collar, will help make your shoulders look narrower
  • Wearing dark solid color tops off help slim you down and create a more even outline of your body
  • Choosing fitted pants that are not too tight or printed bottoms that make your hips appear broader will help keep your body proportions even

Apple-shaped women should avoid scrubs that are:

  • Too tight on top because it will make your upper body look larger
  • Baggy because it will make your shoulders appear broader and your hips narrower
  • Large prints because they will make your upper body appear more prominent, and if you want to wear patterns choose small, even prints

Pear Shape

The following tips for choosing the best scrubs for women with pear-shaped bodies include:

  • Wearing scrub tops with prints will cause your upper body to look larger and match your hips
  • Adding layers, for example, wearing a solid hip-length jacket with a printed scrub top, will give your upper body the appearance of being larger
  • Wearing scrub tops that cover your body to your second hip line will make your hips appear narrower

Pear-shaped women should avoid scrubs that are:

  • Printed scrub bottoms that will exaggerate the appearance of your thighs and hips
  • Dark solid colored tops that make your upper body appear smaller
  • Pants that fit too tightly will make your hips and thighs appear larger
  • Scrub tops that are too short and come just above the hips will cause your hips and thighs to stand out

Athletic Shape

The following tips for choosing the best scrub styles for women with athletic-shaped body types include:

  • Wearing tops with medium-sized prints as larger prints can overwhelm a narrow frame
  • Layering scrub tops and scrub jackets with a soft inner camisole
  • Wearing scrub tops with smocking or ruching, ruffles will make your upper body appear larger
  • Wearing pants with a flare, broad or printed pants that will cause your legs to appear fuller
  • Wearing belts to add definition or curves

Athletic-shaped women should avoid wearing scrubs that are:

  • Larger prints that may overwhelm your body
  • Too tight will cause your body to appear smaller
  • Single or matching color scrub sets that will make your body appear narrow

Hourglass Shape

The following tips for choosing the best scrub styles for women with hourglass-shaped body types include:

  • Wearing scrub jackets with fitted waists, belts, or princess seaming to make your waist appear narrower
  • Wearing straight-legged scrub pants to help define your curves
  • Wearing scrub tops with fitted waist or smocking
  • Wearing matching solid color scrub sets

Hourglass-shaped women should avoid wearing scrubs that:

  • Have no shape such as shapeless tunics and pants that will make your hips and busts appear to be unflattering bulges

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