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Find Luxury, Comfort and Style In Blue Sky Attire

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re proud to say that we’ve taken medical scrubs to a whole new level. We’ve designed you’re favorite pair of scrubs using luxurious fabrics to provide the highest amount of comfort possible in medical attire. Let’s dive in deeper to just what we’ve created here at Blue Sky, and how it can help you stay comfortable, stylish and luxurious in the professional medical workplace.

Getting Comfy

Like we said before- and we’ll say it many times again- we prioritize your comfort over everything else. With absolute comfort in mind, check out the Logan 2-Pocket Scrub Top in our women’s collection. It's made of medleisure fabric, and it might be our most comfortable scrubwear yet. For men looking for absolute comfort, check out our Men’s Technical Scrub Pants and you won’t be let down by the perfect blends of polyester and spandex, making your pants perfectly comfortable and stretchy.

Wearing The Classics

You’ll be amazed at how comfortable and stylish you feel when you try on the Shelby or David Classic Scrubs. These sets of scrubs have been with us since the beginning, and they’re just as great now as they were back then. They’re tailored to fit you just right, and there’s plenty of customization options to help you feel great in them.

Jackets, Vests and Hoodies

Our amazing softshell jackets, vests and hoodies are perfect for staying warm and adding a layer of style onto your medical wardrobe. They also happen to be wind and water resistant, keeping you looking and feeling great no matter what the weather is like!

Try Our Scrub Caps!

Last but not least, be sure to check out our vast collection of colorful and stylish scrub caps to perfectly top off any great Blue Sky outfit. To check out the huge collection of scrub caps, or any of the other items mentioned above, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

Simple, Quick and Easy Group Ordering With Blue Sky Co.

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve built our business model around thinking first about the customer and what you need when you’re looking for the right scrubwear, and that includes the quality of the ordering and delivery process itself. We know it can be a hassle for people to make bulk orders sometimes, especially if [...]

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What's the Best Way to Accessorize Your Scrubs?

We are always busy getting creative for our customers. Here at Blue Sky Co., there’s rarely a dull moment. We’re always coming out with something new for you to wear, enjoy, and show off to your patients and coworkers! But do you know what makes your medical uniform even better? Accessories! Below are five great [...]

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What Up with Tall Scrubs?

Here at Blue Sky Co., we know that not every set of scrubs fits everyone the same. That’s why, in addition to other variations of scrubwear, we’ve created tall scrub pants! They’re the perfect pants for taller folks- our friends who need a little bit of length. And they’re available to you in several professional colors, [...]

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Placing a Group Order of Medical Scrubs

If you’ve ever had to place a group or bulk order of medical scrubs for your hospital or medical facility, then you know just how chaotic and overly complicated the process can be! But that’s not the case here at Blue Sky Co.. Here, we know all about that chaos, and we do our best [...]

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More Than Scrubs: Lab Coats, Accessories, and Beyond

Are you looking for more than just scrubs? Well you’ve certainly come to the right place! Here at Blue Sky Co., we offer medical scrubs as well as scrub accessories, such as lab coats, scrub caps, and even lanyards! Let’s dive into these accessories and see what Blue Sky Co. is all about.Lab CoatsBlue Sky Co. [...]

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Ordering in Bulk: Group Orders for Hospitals

For hospitals and other medical facilities, it can be more cost-effective and convenient to order medical scrubs in bulk! We understand this, and that’s the reason we give you the option to place a bulk order through Blue Sky Co.. When you place an order through us, you’ll find everything you need, including exceptional customer service. [...]

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3 Ways to Accessorize Your Medical Uniform

We know that sometimes, medical scrubs can become mundane, especially if you aren’t wearing our beautiful brand! What Blue Sky Co. brings to the table in terms of medical scrubwear is absolutely out of this world comfortable, durable, and stylish. And what’s more? We have accessories! Let’s take a look at three ways we can [...]

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Blue Sky Co.: Custom Made Luxurious Medical Scrubs

Perhaps you’re looking for something particular out of your scrubs to help them fit just right. That’s no problem for us here at Blue Sky Co.! We give you several customization options to make sure that you get the absolute most out of your medical scrubs! After all, it’s important to feel comfortable at work; [...]

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Technical Scrubs: What Your Wardrobe Needs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we like to say that our medical scrubs are so luxurious that you’ll want to wear them even after work. But we really mean it when we’re talking about our Technical scrubs! These scrubs are stretchy and soft, making them the perfect outfit to lounge around at home in. Or [...]

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