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Scrub Choices For Petite Sizes

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we want all of our customers to be as comfortable as possible in their scrubs, and to look their very best! But if you have scrubs that are too big or baggy on you, they’re probably not very comfortable, and give you an unprofessional appearance. We want to help you our by introducing you to our scrubs designed specifically for petite sizes; The Grey Label Scrubs. Let’s discuss the look and feel of these scrubs, and how they can keep you comfortable all shift long.

Grey Label Shelby Tops

This beautiful scrub top is designed specifically with you in mind, and we promise it’ll fit you so comfortably that you won’t even want to take it off after work! You’ll also love the way it looks with our gorgeous white designer stitching. This scrub top is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, giving it that special feel that you won’t forget. It also has side slits at the hips to allow for easy movement! Oh and don’t forget, it's also wrinkle and fade resistant, and it won’t shrink! With all of this in mind, what's not to love about the Grey Label Shelby Scrub Top?

Grey Label Shelby Pants

Moving on from the top, you’ll need an excellent pair of pants to match it. Well these scrub pants are also designed just for a petite wearer like yourself! They’ve got everything you need from a slim straight leg, fit low rise, and not to mention they’re made out of the same super-comfy fabrics as the Shelby Top! And they’re available in so many different colors that you’re sure to find a style you love.

So if you’ve been enduring uncomfortable, baggy and flattering scrubs every day at work, stop torturing yourself and come visit Blue Sky! To look at our collection and pick out your Grey Label Scrubs, visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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