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Back to the Classics 101: Blue Sky Style

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We’re keeping it simple, today, with our Classic scrubs. Our Classic line was the first line we developed (hence, the name) when we began Blue Sky Co. From there, we’ve branched into multiple other styles, but our Classics will forever hold a special place in our heart. They’re great staples for your work wardrobe covering all of your basic needs throughout the day.

Classic Shelby Scrubs

This is where it all began: the Classic Shelby scrub top! What’s not to love about this scrub top, available in its many vibrant colors and shades? We bet you’ll find your favorite color, or at least its hue. These scrubs were made from the finest fabrics found around the world, and are tailored to fit you in all of the right places.

Classic Simple Scrubs

Ah, simplicity: that’s what we need. Try on our Classic Simple scrubs! It’s available in four professional shades: Jet Black, Navy Blue, Ceil Blue, and Slate Grey. With side slits at the hips, these scrubs will never slow you down. Rock them to work or wear them on the weekends while you’re lounging; you get to decide!

Classic David Scrubs

Available in those same four professional shades, our Classic David scrubs for men are the perfect scrub set for your wardrobe. These scrubs will take you all the way back with their classic fit, but you’ll feel how well they’re tailored. They’re lightweight, wrinkle and fade-resistant, and will last you a long time. That’s simply how they’re sewn!

Don’t think twice. Add a little simplicity to this chaotic work life by choosing our Classic or Simple scrub sets. Whether this is your first time shopping at Blue Sky Co., or your closet is already full of our brand, we’re happy to have you shopping with us today. May you find exactly what you’re looking for! 

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