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What Kind of Fabric is Scrubwear Made From?

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Fabric is the first component of creating scrubwear, it’s where every pair of scrubs begin. That’s why, we wanted to choose only the finest fabrics when we created our line of scrubs here at Blue Sky Co. Not only are they professional, comfortable, and customizable, they’re also made from the softest and stretchiest fabrics you can find. On today’s blog, we’re touching on all of the benefits of our fabric, you won’t want to miss it.

Stretch Determines Movability

Do you turn fast corners in the hallways? Need to bend over to pick up what you’ve dropped? That’s no problem for our scrubs! Our special stretch fabric allows you to move in every which way you need to! Say goodbye to constricting, ill-fitting scrubwear. And hello to the scrubwear you’ve been waiting for all along.

Weight Determines Breathability

Our fabrics are as light as they come. It’s not often you find a set of medical scrubs that are as breathable as these! These fabrics aren’t stifling; they allow your skin to breathe as it needs to. Our fabrics are also sweat-wicking, so when you’re working your hardest, you won’t feel a thing! They’ll keep you dry and comfortable all shift long. How great is that?

Texture Determines Comfortability

The last thing in the world you want are uncomfortable medical scrubs. You won’t find that in our scrubs, though, so don’t worry! Our stretch fabric is made for ultimate comfort, and you’ll definitely be able to tell once you don a pair of Blue Sky scrubs! So go on, log online to our website today to view our medical scrubs and fall in love with your new wardrobe!

Blue Sky Co. has been creating movable, breathable, and comfortable medical attire for over a decade now! And to think that it all started with a simple scrub hat made out of scrap fabric? We love what we do, but most importantly, we love bringing these special scrubs to you. 

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How Can You Prevent Stains in Medical Scrubs?

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