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3 Ways to Accessorize Your Medical Uniform

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We know that sometimes, medical scrubs can become mundane, especially if you aren’t wearing our beautiful brand! What Blue Sky Co. brings to the table in terms of medical scrubwear is absolutely out of this world comfortable, durable, and stylish. And what’s more? We have accessories! Let’s take a look at three ways we can help you accessorize your scrub uniform.


Our new baselayers are all the talk these days! From our Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee for women to the Hudson and Hampton baselayers for men- we make it really easy for you to layer up and stay warm in a chilly work environment! They’re comfortable and professional, but also versatile! You should have issue suiting up in a comfy baselayer on the weekends.

Scrub Caps

Scrub caps are our favorite way to accessorize a medical uniform, simply because Blue Sky Co. has so many patterns and solids available! And we have caps to suit every hairstyle! Our Poppy cap is the most versatile cap yet; it suits both long and short hair. The Pony cap is great for long hair or ponytails! And the Pixie cap best suits shorter hairstyles. And don’t worry fellas; we have caps for you too! Whether you prefer solids or patterns, you’re bound to find something to suit your style.

Lab Coats

Why not try out one of our trusted Bradford or Preston lab coats? Each coat is made with the world’s finest fabrics, and with Teflon Protection technology which repels and releases stains! Caring for your lab coat(s) has never been so easy! And who can resist that bright white, european-inspired collar, or all of that pocket space? We sure can’t!

Accessorizing your medical uniform has never been this much fun before! We hope we’ve helped to inspire you, and to introduce you to our stunning collection of medical attire. For more, visit our website today! 

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