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Learn About Our Luxurious Line of Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve taken medical scrubs to a whole new level. From the quality of our fabric to customizing your own fit, we’ve designed your favorite pair of scrubs. Comfort is our top priority- when you’re moving around all day, you need to be comfortable and not have your clothing restrict you- that’s why we’ve created medleisure wear. Let’s dive right in!

Classic Scrubs for Men & Women

Whether you choose classic Shelby scrubs or David scrubs for men, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable and stylish they are! Each scrub set is created from the world’s finest fabrics, and tailored to suit you just right. Then, there’s our customization options if you want your scrubs to fit differently.

Let’s Get Comfy

Now that you know how we prioritize comfort, check our our Logan 2-pocket scrub top. Made from the medleisure fabric we were mentioning earlier, it’s bound to be our most comfortable scrubwear yet. Don’t worry, men, we’ve got comfy options for you, too! Even though they’re not our medleisure fabric, our men’s Technical scrub pants are made from a fabric blend with polyester and spandex, so they’re stretchy and comfortable.

Scrub Caps Galore!

Moving onto more than scrubs, our scrub cap collection includes Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub hats. Like their names suggest, each cap suits a specific hair style (except the Poppy, which fits more like a bouffant cap). The pony holds tightly a ponytail, and the pixie is great for short hair styles. Each cap is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns- even seasonal patterns!

Professional Jackets and Vests

Last but certainly not least, our amazing softshell jackets and vests are perfect for staying warm on the way into work or during your hectic shift. They’re available in professional colors such as Jet Black and Cadet Blue. Wind-resistant and water-resistant, you’ll be warm and comfortable in any jacket or vest you choose. 

All About Shelby Scrubs

If you’ve yet to try on our classic Shelby scrubs, you’re definitely missing out, friends! Blue Sky Co. has had these scrubs around for quite some time so you’ve had plenty of time to place that order! What are you waiting for? Perhaps a push would help. Here are three wonderful things that we love [...]

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Staying Warm This Winter With Comfortable Base Layers

Outerwear like coats, jackets and scarves can certainly help to keep you warm when it’s cold outdoors or inside the building you work in, but sometimes it’s even better to have a base layer underneath your scrubs or other clothing before you go out. With the right base layer, you’ll feel warm and comfortable at [...]

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What Are Medleisure Scrubs?

The term “medleisure,” might be new to you. In fact, up until a short while ago, it was new to us. Blue Sky Co. offers medical scrubs in medleisure fabric and we’re here to introduce you to it, and tell you all about it! We know that you’ll find this material to be absolutely irresistible; [...]

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Holiday Patterns We Know You'll Love

The holidays are nearing; we better get to shopping! This time of year simply calls for that (and tons of family time, of course). But here’s our good news: here at Blue Sky Co., we have several holiday-inspired patterns for your brand new scrub cap. Let us introduce you to our five favorites for this [...]

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How to Easily Accessorize Your Scrub Uniform

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re constantly trying to find ways to revamp your medical scrub wardrobe! We just believe things are way more fun that way! And with these ideas come accessories. Accessories are the best way to change things up a bit! Let’s talk about three ways you can accessorize your scrubs! Prepare [...]

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Are You Tall Enough for Tall Scrubs?

Are you feeling a little too tall for your scrub pants? Have they started to feel like “high waters”/? Well, Blue Sky Co. can certainly fix that problem for you! We have Tall scrub pants, and they work great for problems such as these (problems such as really short pants). We have two types for [...]

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Try On Our Technical Stretch Scrubs

Until you’ve met our Technical scrubs, you haven’t known the beauty of athletic fabric combining with medical scrub fabric! It’s so comfortable you’ll want to wear these scrubs on your time off; we just know it! Let’s take a look at Technical scrubs for both men and women and see what we can get our [...]

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Which Scrub Cap Do You Need?

Ladies, do you know which of our Blue Sky scrub caps would fit your hairstyle best? Well, we do. Sit back, relax, and let us tell you all about our scrub cap options. By the end of this, you’ll know exactly which scrub cap to order. And there are dozens upon dozens of patterns to [...]

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The Most Movable Stretch Scrubs Around: Technical Scrubs

At Blue Sky Co., we know that when you’re on the go, you are absolutely on the move and there’s no stopping you, not while you’re at work! So you obviously need a set of medical scrubs that can keep up with your pace! Meet Blue Sky Co.’s Technical scrubs. They’re stylish, but most importantly, [...]

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